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linux-installationby IT Expert

62 Pages |5095 Views

This presentation speaks about Linux Installation, Types of Installation and Step By Step Installation procedure of Linux both in GUI based and TEXT ...

Users & Group Adminstration in Linux

Users & Group Adminstration in Linuxby IT Expert

38 Pages|3688 Views

This presentation represents users & group administration in Linux. it will tell about useradd,usermod,groupadd, groupmod and all related com...

Installing Oracle 11g in Linux

Installing Oracle 11g in Linuxby IT Expert


This video shows step by step procedure to load Oracle 11g in Linux.

Linux basic commands, creation of files,VI Editor& User,GRoup Admin

Linux basic commands, creation of files,VI Editor& User,GRoup IT Expert

18 Pages|5638 Views

This is purely a LAB session of Linux using desktop sharing concept.

Basic Linux Commands , Creating Files and  Vi Editor

Basic Linux Commands , Creating Files and Vi Editorby IT Expert

23 Pages |5196 Views

This Presentation speaks about Basic Linux commands, Creating Files through ,Touch,cat,VI & Vi Editor.

Introduction to Linux Operating System

Introduction to Linux Operating Systemby IT Expert

17 Pages|15590 Views

This presentation would talk about the architecture of Linux operating System.

Linux File System Architecture

Linux File System Architectureby IT Expert

20 Pages |6855 Views

This presentation will talk in detail about the physical and logical file system of Linux..

Basics Of Linux

Basics Of Linuxby Pruthwiraj Ghadge

15 Pages|3376 Views

To learn any operating system you must know the basics. This file contains Basics of Linux Operating System. It will help you get started with linux. ...

Installation of Linux RHEL 6

Installation of Linux RHEL 6by IT Expert


It is a step by step procedure to load RHEL 6

Linux Basics

Linux Basicsby Alexandro Colorado

21 Pages|3241 Views

Basic tour for teachers on what Linux is and what they can do with it.

Linux Tutorial Introduction

Linux Tutorial Introductionby ginniapps Ginni

17 Pages |10251 Views

History Of Linux<br/>Commands<br/>Directory Structure<br/>Installation <br/>VI Editor<br/>Conclusion<br/>