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Trans-isomersby Vladimir Gorbachev

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Замена 2 % углеводов от общей калорийности дневного рациона на трансизомеры жирных кислот повышает риск возникновения ишемической болезни сердца почти...

Alkene Nomenclature

Alkene Nomenclatureby Paull Shocker

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characterized by molecular formula CnH2n have a C=C double bond said to be "unsaturated“ or “olefins”

Wald's Visual cycle

Wald's Visual cycleby Madiha Kazi

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Wald, Hubbard, and Brown, working with several organic chemists, were able to show that onecis<br/>isomer, the 11-cis isomer, was precursor to a...