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Webolution & 21st Century Teaching-Learning

Webolution & 21st Century Teaching-Learningby Bill Graziadei PhD aka Dr G

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Web 2.0 & Beyond - 21st Century Teaching-Learning - WHY, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & HOW 21st Century Teaching-Learning is both formal and informal...

Learn Biology - A interactive way

Learn Biology - A interactive wayby Aleena Das


Hi Friends. Now Biology is easy to learn . We are here to make you learn Biology in an interactive way

Webolution in Learning

Webolution in Learningby Bill Graziadei PhD aka Dr G

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Learning is both formal and informal. e-Learning means Connectivity, Communication, Collaboration, and Content (4Cs) and connects people to people and...

A  Biology Question - 11. Copy cats or copy dogs?

A Biology Question - 11. Copy cats or copy dogs?by Dr SUBROTO BISWAS

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We copy nature. Sometimes nature copies nature. And why not ? We learn a lot not only by copying but also using their dynamics. Here are some examples...

A  Biology Question -1. Maggot and a house fly

A Biology Question -1. Maggot and a house flyby Dr SUBROTO BISWAS

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Difficult question are made simple. This series would be like refreshment in the evening
Here we go with the first of the series.

A Biol...


Biologyby santhijayakumar c

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view pictures of internal organs . <br/>to know about our body organs , u can see this fileview pictures of internal organs . <br/>to know...



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Learning Object Biology

Learning Object Biologyby Hermann Morgenbesser

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Learning sequence Bio 16

G10 Biology

G10 Biologyby MEAS E-Learning 2

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10th Biology 1

10th Biology 1by MEAS E-Learning 1

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Amal's Born to Learn

Amal's Born to Learnby eSchool Kerala


Human brains have evolved through centuries. We now know more about our brains, how it functions thanks to various scanning technology that help us to...

Water Relation

Water Relationby Dr. Pankaj Kumar

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Water relation is key concept for understanding the flow of fluid within the cell. It involves number of physical process like diffusion, osmosis, tur...



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Replication and Transcription

Replication and Transcriptionby Dr. Pankaj Kumar

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Mechanism of DNA replication. It is semi conservative process and driven by the set of enzymes. The entire process can be explained in seven steps. Si...

Paid Course from 20 Sep 08

Paid Course from 20 Sep 08by Dr Aman Biswas

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Paid Course from 20 Sep 08

gene mapping

gene mappingby navya bausker

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see this content it will help you a this n ask if any problems occurs i will help you.and you can add more suggestion and ask problems if any...

list of elements

list of elementsby Malarkody Sekar

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There are 118 Elements discovered so far. 94 of these are naturally occuring elements. Elements are represented through symbols. The atomic number(Z)...

PMT , UGC and MCAT Biology/Lifesciences Online Classes

PMT , UGC and MCAT Biology/Lifesciences Online Classesby Dr SUBROTO BISWAS

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Solving few questions of last few years, or studying the subject matter or thorough knowlegde or quick solving in PMT, UGC NET and MCAT does not alon...