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Writing Formal Business Letters

Writing Formal Business Lettersby Englishteacher Namrata Arora

7 Pages |5588 Views

One hour to learn Formal Letters Writing

Effective English Pronunciation

Effective English Pronunciationby Harinder Singh


Your ideas can be made more presentable using proper Pronunciation of words in your language.Good English speaking skills can be judged from the Pron...

Useful  Sentence structures - Proficiency level

Useful Sentence structures - Proficiency levelby erik l

1 Page |4614 Views

Some teacher notes from a Proficiency class . This document shows some interesting structures for written and formal English .

Writing Formal Letters

Writing Formal Lettersby Englishteacher Namrata Arora

7 Pages|18088 Views

Students, teachers, mothers, Working Professionals and Managers; learn basics of writing Formal Letters. You get to actually practice framing the lett...

English Focus - Greetings

English Focus - Greetingsby Continental Training

7 Pages |2681 Views

This is the second part of a basic conversation English class which will give the student an opportunity to greet, apologize, make offers and show gra...

Speaking crash course for the IELTS Exam

Speaking crash course for the IELTS Examby Harinder Singh


This video class helps the learners to make their English speaking effective and achieve a good score in speaking module of the IELTS exam. The video...

Indirect Questions

Indirect Questionsby Erik Robles

47 Pages |550 Views

This is the Power Point Presentation that goes with my video on the same subject: Indirect Questions.

Leisure English - English Focus - Learn How to Greet

Leisure English - English Focus - Learn How to Greetby EFLT Direct

7 Pages|246 Views

In this lesson EFLT will guide the learner through understanding basic greetings as they relate to both formal and informal meetings. You will learn h...