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English Out There SS4 English

English Out There SS4 Englishby Christopher Britt

133 Pages |661 Views

English Out There SS4 English

English Focus - Greetings

English Focus - Greetingsby Continental Training

7 Pages|5117 Views

This is the second part of a basic conversation English class which will give the student an opportunity to greet, apologize, make offers and show gra...

Why is it important to learn English?

Why is it important to learn English?by Harinder Singh


We are living in the world where English is the most spoken language not only in the country but all over the world. In order to communicate one need ...

English for beginners!

English for beginners!by Harinder Singh


The presentation is quite helpful for all those who have just started learning English. Learn the basic English like Books, Pencils, Notebook Computer...

Learn to pronounce English Vowels

Learn to pronounce English Vowelsby Harinder Singh


There are 5 vowels in English a,e,i,o and u. They can be combined to make 15 different sounds. Learn to pronounce English vowels through this video. T...

Learn English Vocabulary

Learn English Vocabularyby Harinder Singh


An online tutorial on English Vocabulary. Through this presentation, you will learn English Vocabulary on the topic "Project Managers". It w...

Teaching English to Children

Teaching English to Childrenby Harinder Singh


Do you know how to teach English to kids? In this presentation, you will learn new ways to teach English to children. Show them the aspects of the lan...

Daily English Expressions

Daily English Expressionsby Harinder Singh


This is your complete guide to the English expressions used in everyday life. These expressions are easy to remember and will help you in speaking Eng...