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Condition of Equilibrium and Problem solving strategy

Condition of Equilibrium and Problem solving strategyby LearnOnline Through OCW

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Condition of static and dynamic equilibrium of rigid body has been explained. The effect of applying force and torque a t the center of gravity is men...

Equilibrium in circular motion

Equilibrium in circular motionby Rohana Dasanayake

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This is regarding the equilibrium of Circular motion. Newton's first law says the equilibrium of an object. But some thing to be added to it. This doc...

Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibriumby Jyoti garg


This ppt covers Chemical equilibrium. This tells whatare the reactions how to determine etc.

Relation of Equilibrium and Kinetics

Relation of Equilibrium and Kineticsby Jyoti garg


This ppt cover relationship between Equilibrium and Kinetics. This show various heat change in different reactions and their relevant graphs.


Equilibriumby retty pappachan

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Physics of Walking of Quadrupeds

Physics of Walking of Quadrupedsby Manish Verma


The reason why when quadrupeds walk, they always have three of their legs on the ground at any instant is provided by Mr. Manish Verma from http://123...

Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibriumby Jyoti garg


This ppt covers dynamic equilibrim, its examples and the reversible reactions , their examples.and some more things about it.

Rheo-Cooling Applied to Plastics

Rheo-Cooling Applied to Plasticsby JP IBAR

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Rheology can be used during processing to induce non-equilibrium states that modify the properties of the materials formed under those conditions. Thi...

Chemical Equilibrium in Liquid Phase

Chemical Equilibrium in Liquid Phaseby Jyoti garg


This is documentary which cover the general equilibrium process in liquid phase.The result of analysis and physical pricipal .