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Conditionals : English Grammar and Usage - Part 3

Conditionals : English Grammar and Usage - Part 3by Online CAT Teacher


Conditional Statements with "Unless" play an important role in Passages and you will get questions about them in Verbal Reasoning fo...

Present Simple Form - English Grammar

Present Simple Form - English Grammarby Harinder Singh


Through this presentation, you will learn the Present Simple Form, Present Continuous and Past Simple Form of the English Grammar. The presentation be...

Basics of English Grammar

Basics of English Grammarby Harinder Singh


Learn the basics of English Grammar through this presentation. The author of the presentation is: Karina Salcedo from http://www.slides...

Learn English Grammar - Singular or Plural?

Learn English Grammar - Singular or Plural?by Harinder Singh


Learn the correct usage of Singular and Plural through a very good example of someone at the restaurant. See how to communicate effectively using corr...

Learn the Basics of English Grammar!

Learn the Basics of English Grammar!by Sukhpreet Kaur


An easy guide through which you can learn the basics of English grammar. The credit of the presentation goes to the respective author at

Learn English Grammar

Learn English Grammarby Sukhpreet Kaur


This is a free online lesson on English Grammar by a native speaker. The video belongs to the YouTube user JenniferESL


Basic-English-Grammar-1by Mr.Hamed Alahmad

159 Pages |1811 Views


Test for basic English Grammar

Test for basic English Grammarby Imran khan

1 Page|4038 Views

For beginners to check their grammar.

Grammar : Inversion in English

Grammar : Inversion in Englishby erik l

1 Page |43235 Views

This is document showing the use of Inversion in English .

English Grammar-Sentences

English Grammar-Sentencesby Anindita Sengupta

2 Pages|4514 Views

Sentences- Different kinds of sentences and their uses.Rules of writing a sentences.

English Grammar: Punctuation Marks and Commas!

English Grammar: Punctuation Marks and Commas!by Harinder Singh


The set of slides illustrates the most common usage of one of the most common punctuation marks of the English language. The credit of the powerpoint ...

English Grammar

English Grammarby zanb a

129 Pages|1455 Views

This is book for teach grammar

English Grammar Class

English Grammar Classby Murali Nair

1 Page |1608 Views

A trial class on English is being launched to how far the students can benefit out of it.

English Grammar Tense

English Grammar Tenseby Harinder Singh


You can learn effective use of Tenses by this presentation and it helps in improving your English. The document belongs to the Duc Vu at Scribd http:/...

Conditionals : English Grammar and Usage - Part 1

Conditionals : English Grammar and Usage - Part 1by Online CAT Teacher


There are two kinds of Conditional Sentences: Real and Unreal. Real Conditional describes real-life situations. Unreal Conditional describes Unreal, I...

Big English Grammar Book

Big English Grammar Bookby Osama

122 Pages|5787 Views

This Is a large collection of English language worksheets of nearly everything.

Basic English Grammar Assessment

Basic English Grammar Assessmentby Teach You to Write Online

2 Pages |3806 Views

This is a short writing assessment that determines where you are right now with your writing. Upon reviewing your assessment, you will receive feedba...