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Uncle Sam Real English News  lessons

Uncle Sam Real English News lessonsby Uncle Sam School of English

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Uncle Sam's lessons that are part of the learning experience with the Uncle Sam School of English. Real American Engl...

The sounds of english Letters

The sounds of english Lettersby Uncle Sam School of English


This is a chart of English letters and their sounds. This is also in Spanish. Learning the true sounds are important. this chart will help you improv...

Basic English Phonics Part 1 w Audio

Basic English Phonics Part 1 w Audioby Bebe Brookman

87 Pages |16605 Views

This is a series of basic phonic tutorials (asynchronous) for the beginning English student. At the completion of this 17- lesson phonics course, the ...

Figurative Language _4_10_11

Figurative Language _4_10_11by Sheila Cohen

2 Pages|2464 Views

Use of idioms and metaphors, differences and interpretations, practical usage, how to distinguish between figurative and literal English, cultural lan...

International English Communication One

International English Communication Oneby TNT Andoyu

22 Pages |2514 Views

English language teaching materials

English My Language

English My Languageby Englishteacher Namrata Arora

14 Pages|4918 Views

A new way to understand and accept a foreign language

Workplace English

Workplace Englishby Mike JC Smith

20 Pages |4297 Views

How English language support could be delivered to help employer/sponsors of non-native English speaking migrants