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Improve your pronunciation

Improve your pronunciationby Absadds

15 Pages |7711 Views

How to improve your pronunciation online for free


Ningby Absadds

33 Pages |2574 Views

Introduction to ning social blogging network


e-Mentoringby Absadds

7 Pages|2030 Views


Primary1_unit 1

Primary1_unit 1by Khalid Abouzaid

6 Pages |2167 Views

course items

course itemsby Khalid Abouzaid

2 Pages|1872 Views

Loan Crisis

Loan Crisisby Anthony Birch

1 Page |2266 Views

PDF file: depiction of crisis with questions

urdu teaching

urdu teachingby Orient Language Lab

1 Page|8465 Views

Urdu teaching session

urdu teaching.2

urdu teaching.2by Orient Language Lab

1 Page |2264 Views

urdu teaching session

urdu teaching.3

urdu teaching.3by Orient Language Lab

1 Page|2452 Views

learn urdu

Oral Presentation

Oral Presentationby Absadds

7 Pages |2734 Views

Oral Presentation

Storytelling: Getting Ready for Christmas

Storytelling: Getting Ready for Christmasby Absadds

9 Pages|2296 Views

December 12 Storytelling for Christmas

4th Grade Test

4th Grade Testby Nadina

3 Pages|2535 Views

4th Grade Math Review

5th Grade Math Test

5th Grade Math Testby Nadina

4 Pages |5378 Views

5th Grade Math Review

Technical Skills Online

Technical Skills Onlineby Olubodun Olufemi

11 Pages|884 Views

The paper descibes the techniques an online tutor needs to develop to make online students develop technical skills without imparting knowledge. It ta...

Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic Expressionsby Ron Bosch

7 Pages |14909 Views

Explains Algebraic Expressions and different ways to show multiplication

Powers and Exponents

Powers and Exponentsby Ron Bosch

7 Pages|12400 Views

Shows explanation of powers and exponents along with examples of evaluating.


lahoraby Paull Shocker

26 Pages |5080 Views

¿Qué hora es?

a Class on Chinese Idioms

a Class on Chinese Idiomsby Yaodong

11 Pages|4217 Views

Draw Dragon Dot Eye or 'Hua Long dian jing(????)is an online lesson jointly made by Lorraine,Yaodong and Eva.Special thanks go to Lorraine and Eva for...