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La familia

La familiaby Susan Watson

46 Pages |2132 Views

This is a 46 page booklet of handouts and worksheets about Spanish family vocabulary designed for elementary school students in grades 3-6. Some of t...

Math Review

Math Reviewby Andrew Hudson

15 Pages |3771 Views

Math Review 4th Grade Review Mrs. Andrea Youngblood Fancy Farm Elementary See if you can answer the following math problems! GOOD LUCK!

Jobs and hobbies

Jobs and hobbiesby george alex

7 Pages |2058 Views

Simple language practice - jobs and hobbies

Hi, I'm Jackson

Hi, I'm Jacksonby george alex

12 Pages|2331 Views

What's your name? Nice to meet you...

Opposites attract

Opposites attractby george alex

14 Pages |1920 Views

simple opposite adjectives, the verb to be - positive and negative

Class- 3

Class- 3by DK ARYA

2 Pages|6847 Views

Content page for ppt. slides for Class 3rd


5.1.ortoby Jokin

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jeopardybioby Jokin

0 Page |2718 Views

communicative Chinese-3

communicative Chinese-3by stanley You

27 Pages|2740 Views

Chinese food, order your meal in a Chinese restaurant

Communicative Chinese-3

Communicative Chinese-3by stanley You

26 Pages |3807 Views

A brief introduction of Chinese food and some useful expressions for ordering Chinese food

EOC Sample Tests

EOC Sample Testsby Lance Schreiber

6 Pages|2592 Views

Sample Algebra Tests from the standardized Algebra EOC exams. The EOC Exams are quickly replacing FCAT Mathematic portions around the nation and will...

Inquiry Learning Projects for Upper Grades sy 2010-2011

Inquiry Learning Projects for Upper Grades sy 2010-2011by The Builders School Philippines

19 Pages |2646 Views

At Builders' School, we strive to do inquiry learning project through Social Studies and Science. Our chosen themes are grounded on Filipino History, ...

Excel Formulas

Excel Formulasby jeeradate

3 Pages|3903 Views

Excel Formulas

Excel Function

Excel Functionby jeeradate

2 Pages |3346 Views

Excel Function