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Learn English Now 1

Learn English Now 1by Absadds

10 Pages |4003 Views

Learn English Now

Learn English Online 2

Learn English Online 2by Absadds

5 Pages|2856 Views

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Irregular Verbs - Elementary

Irregular Verbs - Elementaryby Jazykove vzdelavanie

2 Pages |8102 Views

Chart with irregular English verbs (2. and 3. column) in English - Slovak version. Contains verbs for elementary level.

Tabulka s nepravideln...

MAKE or DO - Elementary

MAKE or DO - Elementaryby Jazykove vzdelavanie

1 Page|1413 Views

Chart with english verbs MAKE and DO in English - Slovak version, with examples, elementary level.

Tabulka s anglickými slovesami MAKE a DO v...

Verb Tenses in English

Verb Tenses in Englishby Eduardo Martins

31 Pages |39651 Views

This lesson will teach you the most important verb tenses in English language, containing examples and definitions.