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Database Theory and Advance

Database Theory and Advanceby Alexander Payte

8 Pages |5120 Views

Database Management System<br/> Concepts of DBMS<br/> Types of Database Systems<br/> Hierarchical<br/> Network<br/>...


DATABASEby Neenu Prasad

38 Pages|8205 Views

A database management system (DBMS) is a collection of programs that enables users to create and maintain a database or contains a set of interrelated...


DATABASEby Neenu Prasad

16 Pages |3538 Views

A database is a collection of interrelated data , typically describing the activities of one or more related Organizations and is used for managing la...

Basics of Database Systems

Basics of Database Systemsby Deepak Jadhav

8 Pages|3674 Views

In this presentation I had explained about the basics of database and database management system(DBMS). What are the advantages of using database and ...

Module in Database Management Systems

Module in Database Management Systemsby For-Ian Sandoval

32 Pages |20303 Views

This Course covers the different Architecture of the Relational, Hierarchical, and Networks Models. Other Topics to be covered are the Designs of Data...

Camprioson of SQL SERVER and Oracle Databases

Camprioson of SQL SERVER and Oracle Databasesby Gurjinder Singh Brar

32 Pages|10934 Views

This discussion has been an attempt at a light and lively introduction to the Oracle database world for those familiar with the Microsoft SQL Server d...

Trigger (Database Management)

Trigger (Database Management)by Neenu Prasad

22 Pages |7834 Views

A trigger is a pl/sql block structure which is fired when a DML statements like Insert, Delete, Update is executed on a database table. A trigger is t...

Oracle Database . Lecture01

Oracle Database . Lecture01by Chiranjibi Regmi

11 Pages|1418 Views

Lesson1 includes the following sections : &lt;br/&gt;(Theory)&lt;br/&gt;Data, DBMS, RDBMS, OORDBMS, Oracle Database&lt;br/&gt;...

Database testing using sql

Database testing using sqlby Kranthi

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database tsting

(Day 17) Lab 27:- Learn .NET and c# in 60 days - Improving Database

(Day 17) Lab 27:- Learn .NET and c# in 60 days - Improving Databaseby Questpond


In this video we will try to understand Improving Database Design.



26 Pages |17513 Views

Describe client server model in database.topics from DBMS

Learn and teach modeling Database

Learn and teach modeling Databaseby Eman Yousif

13 Pages |1577 Views

Drawings to help convert conceptual analysis into relational design

Mirroring Database

Mirroring Databaseby Pankaj sapkal

10 Pages|1045 Views

It will help you to create mirroring and keep data in Synch.

PHP with Database application Development

PHP with Database application Developmentby abhijeet sinh

622 Pages |20745 Views

Data base connectivity and other process describe very nicely ......... learn with your own-self..............