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MauveDB: Supporting Model-based User Views in Data

MauveDB: Supporting Model-based User Views in Databy Paull Shocker

29 Pages |3555 Views

MauveDB: Supporting Model-based User Views in Database Systems Amol Deshpande, University of Maryland Samuel Madden, MIT Motivation Unprecedented,...

VB Script Data Types

VB Script Data Typesby G C Reddy Technologies

4 Pages|7559 Views

VB Script Data types for QTP Testers. Explicit and Implicit declaration of data types. Converting data from one type to another.

Enterprise Data Management - LogShipping

Enterprise Data Management - LogShippingby IT Expert

42 Pages |1451 Views

Log shipping is a robust and reliable high-availability disaster recovery and reporting solution that can be implemented very easily with the hardware...

Data Application Block

Data Application Blockby Questpond


This video will explain Data Application Block<br/>

Data Structure Book

Data Structure Bookby Sagar Maiyad

200 Pages |37036 Views

this book is realy useful for those persons who are looking for data structure concepts with c++. they can easily get idea and get knowledge about all...


DatabaseBasicsby Neenu Prasad

54 Pages|2747 Views

A database is a collection of interrelated data , typically describing the activities of one or more related Organizations and is used for managing la...


DatabaseBasicsby Neenu Prasad

20 Pages |2981 Views

A database management system (DBMS) is a collection of programs that enables users to create and maintain a database or contains a set of interrelated...