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Critical Reasoning a Reading Comprehension Verbal Preparation Guide

Critical Reasoning a Reading Comprehension Verbal Preparation Guideby Online CAT Teacher


This is the Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension Guide - a Verbal Preparation Guide, from Manhattan GMAT. The Topics covered under Critical Re...

Reading Comprehension: Friends

Reading Comprehension: Friendsby Maggi Carstairs

2 Pages|9642 Views

Unit 1: Reading Comprehension <br/>Read the article, and do the exercises..<br/><br/>

SAT Reading Comprehension Practice Questions

SAT Reading Comprehension Practice Questionsby Accelerated Learning Educational Services

22 Pages |2784 Views

Practice questions for the Reading Comprehension section of the SAT.


Readingby VictoriaThomas

3 Pages|762 Views

reading tips1

reading tips1by Godea Ludmila

3 Pages|725 Views

finding the purpose in active reading

finding the purpose in active readingby Godea Ludmila

6 Pages |1647 Views

a text and working finding the purpose

Online Literacy and Critical Thinking

Online Literacy and Critical Thinkingby Alexandre Enkerli

25 Pages|3274 Views

These days, students and teachers alike are spending a lot of time online. Among issues which affect those who "live on the Internet," information val...

TOEFL iBT Reading Tips

TOEFL iBT Reading Tipsby DiKaKo

3 Pages |6177 Views

The first component you will have to do when you sit for the TOEFL® iBT exam is the Reading. The Reading Section measures your ability to read an...

Rwanda: political profile

Rwanda: political profileby ONeal Media Group

1 Page|933 Views

Resources for critical reading class.

Figurative Language Song Lyrics

Figurative Language Song Lyricsby Sheila Cohen

6 Pages |13870 Views

The use of figurative speech is often used in the English language. Often used as a rhetorical devise in songwriting because examples such as metaphor...

Poetry Analysis

Poetry Analysisby Ary Aranguiz


This 6 minute video provides an upbeat overview of the poetry analysis strategy TPCASTT. After watching the video, students in middle school, high sch...

Effective English Pronunciation

Effective English Pronunciationby Harinder Singh


Your ideas can be made more presentable using proper Pronunciation of words in your language.Good English speaking skills can be judged from the Pron...

MOCK CAT Test Paper Solved : With Answers

MOCK CAT Test Paper Solved : With Answersby Online CAT Teacher


This is a full solved Mock CAT test paper. Unfortunately Answers are given right below the question. I Recommend that you print this out, have someone...

PhD Thesis - Dr Peter Guy

PhD Thesis - Dr Peter Guyby Peter Guy

317 Pages |4831 Views

5 Things You Must Know About Guessing on the SAT

5 Things You Must Know About Guessing on the SATby FastForward Thinking

12 Pages|5925 Views

In this free guide, "The Five Things You Absolutely Must Know About Guessing In Order To Do Well On The SAT," we'll share with you a series of critica...