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Mock GATE -I for Computer Science Engineering Aspirants

Mock GATE -I for Computer Science Engineering Aspirantsby onlineies

12 Pages |3813 Views

This is meant for GATE aspirants in India from Electronics Engineering Department. This paper is conducted by Institute of Engineering Studies (popula...

Software Engineering - What, Why & How ?

Software Engineering - What, Why & How ?by Ruchi Sharma

15 Pages |9293 Views

The content has an indtroductory approach to subject S/W Engineering. It outlines the basic concepts as the meaning & need of S/W engineering &...

An Introduction to Software Engineering

An Introduction to Software Engineeringby IT Expert


This class speaks about an introduction to Softwrae Engineering.

Introduction to SOftware Engineering

Introduction to SOftware Engineeringby Priya Jain

24 Pages |12845 Views

This is a brief introduction of the Software Engineering class. Good to knwo for working professionals and students. Please do be a part of it and let...

Software Engineering - Process Models (Paradigms) I

Software Engineering - Process Models (Paradigms) Iby Ruchi Sharma

12 Pages|15966 Views

The content takes up the study of four paradigms of S/W Engg. namely "build & fix", "waterfall", "prototyping" &...

Module 1 - Why Software Engineering

Module 1 - Why Software Engineeringby For-Ian Sandoval

60 Pages |6786 Views

This course covers the basics of a software engineering principles including different software developme techniques, requirement analysis, project pl...