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Advanced English Grammar on Verbals (Infinitive-Participle-Gerund)

Advanced English Grammar on Verbals (Infinitive-Participle-Gerund)by English Teacher

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There are a number of highly useful words in English that are difficult to classify as parts of speech. These are infinitives, participles, and gerun...

Communication Skills in English for Graduate Students of English

Communication Skills in English for Graduate Students of Englishby Balqis Salama

202 Pages |28547 Views

Communicative English Skills for BA English Students.This is a study material offered to the students of BA English Semester by the University of Cal...

English Grammar-Parts of Speech

English Grammar-Parts of Speechby Anindita Sengupta

2 Pages|9517 Views

English Grammar-Parts of Speech,its classes and uses.

Learn the basics of English Grammar

Learn the basics of English Grammarby Harinder Singh


Here is a step-by-step guide for learning English Grammar. If you aren't sure about the basics of English grammar then you need to see this presentati...

The Grammar of English Grammars by Gould Brown

The Grammar of English Grammars by Gould Brownby Tan vir

1446 Pages|5397 Views

The Grammar of English Grammars, with an introduction historical and critical; the whole methodically arranged and amply illustrated; with forms of co...

English Grammar - Live Class 7

English Grammar - Live Class 7by Dina Justin

17 Pages |24870 Views

English Grammar is a Body of Rules (Grammar) Specifying how Phrases and Sentences are constructed in the English Language

English Grammar Workbook

English Grammar Workbookby Vansight Academy

42 Pages|14406 Views

English Grammar workbook, made specially for students who read our 16 chapter grammar course.

Learn English Grammar - Singular or Plural?

Learn English Grammar - Singular or Plural?by Harinder Singh


Learn the correct usage of Singular and Plural through a very good example of someone at the restaurant. See how to communicate effectively using corr...

English Grammar basics

English Grammar basicsby Harinder Singh


You can learn Basics of English grammar by this presentation which helps you in improving your English and speaking skills. The PowerPoint presentatio...

English Grammar Exercise!

English Grammar Exercise!by Harinder Singh


Learn the usage of go to… go on… go for… go -ing in the English language and also see how to implement them in the sentence. There are few quick exerc...

English Grammar Made Easy!

English Grammar Made Easy!by Harinder Singh


English Grammar becomes easy if we are learning through interesting tutorials or presentations.Yes, after looking at this presentation you would defin...

Question Tags (English Grammar)

Question Tags (English Grammar)by Saraswathy Srinivas

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Question tags are formed by adding a helping verb and a pronoun to a statement.If there is only one main verb in the statement ohter than the verb for...

Conditionals : English Grammar and Usage - Part 3

Conditionals : English Grammar and Usage - Part 3by Online CAT Teacher


Conditional Statements with "Unless" play an important role in Passages and you will get questions about them in Verbal Reasoning fo...

Present Simple Form - English Grammar

Present Simple Form - English Grammarby Harinder Singh


Through this presentation, you will learn the Present Simple Form, Present Continuous and Past Simple Form of the English Grammar. The presentation be...

Learn the Basics of English Grammar!

Learn the Basics of English Grammar!by Sukhpreet Kaur


An easy guide through which you can learn the basics of English grammar. The credit of the presentation goes to the respective author at

English Grammar Tense

English Grammar Tenseby Harinder Singh


You can learn effective use of Tenses by this presentation and it helps in improving your English. The document belongs to the Duc Vu at Scribd http:/...

English Grammar: Punctuation Marks and Commas!

English Grammar: Punctuation Marks and Commas!by Harinder Singh


The set of slides illustrates the most common usage of one of the most common punctuation marks of the English language. The credit of the powerpoint ...