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Los colores

Los coloresby Susan Watson

6 Pages|3076 Views

This English-Spanish handout and worksheet is about Spanish color vocabulary. One of the practice vocabulary activities is a bingo game


Colorsby Susan Watson

6 Pages |2423 Views

This 6 page ESL handout and worksheet is about color vocabulary. It has many photos. It has practice actiivities and a bingo game.

Colors And Clothing

Colors And Clothingby Susan Watson

11 Pages|2515 Views

This 11 page ESL handout and worksheet uses photos to describe colors and clothing. It has flashcards for a grammar game.

Basic vocabulary for beginners (Russian)

Basic vocabulary for beginners (Russian)by Elena Korobova

10 Pages |4144 Views

Greetings and polite words, numbers, colours, days of the week, eat / drink, personal pronouns, nationalities

English Vocabulary Lesson : Idioms and Sayings About Colors

English Vocabulary Lesson : Idioms and Sayings About Colorsby Online CAT Teacher


Continuing with the series on English Language Usage - especially Grammar, let us discuss about colors - the idioms and grammar, specifically targeted...

Speak English: Color your Words

Speak English: Color your Wordsby Englishteacher Namrata Arora

14 Pages |5807 Views

Here is your chance to enrich your Vocabulary and Speak English fluently. Start talking about the colors you like or dislike.

Italian Vocabulary-At The Airport

Italian Vocabulary-At The Airportby Susan Watson

5 Pages|2625 Views

This five page Italian vocabulary handout and worksheet introduces and provides multiple practice exercises pertaining to the airport. It includes co...

Arabic Colors

Arabic Colorsby Said Shalaby

11 Pages |2250 Views

Salam brothers and sisters,
Learn Arabic colors with simple sentences with audio, try to practice it with anew words. thats is help you to memoriz...

Shapes and colors

Shapes and colorsby Victoria Carter

21 Pages|1843 Views