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Cleaning and Sanitizing Surfaces

Cleaning and Sanitizing Surfacesby Martin Neon

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Cleaning and Sanitizing Surfaces Clean surfaces with soap and water and rinse. Sanitize kitchen surfaces with 1 tablespoon chlorine bleach per gal...

Cl Eq 02 Vac (Cleaning)

Cl Eq 02 Vac (Cleaning)by Vladimir Fevralev

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Cleaning Equipment


Cleaningby Vladimir Fevralev

26 Pages |1873 Views

Professional Cleaning in Russia

Secret 02

Secret 02by Vladimir Fevralev

36 Pages|1439 Views

Secrets of manual cleaning


workers02by Vladimir Fevralev

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workers03_1by Vladimir Fevralev

88 Pages |1385 Views


workers03_2by Vladimir Fevralev

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Work01by Vladimir Fevralev

32 Pages |1213 Views


Eurosteam.ES157by Vladimir Fevralev

5 Pages|1758 Views

Best for Russia

Impex Trade

Impex Tradeby Vladimir Fevralev

20 Pages |2575 Views

Best for Russia


5hrSANTRAN-PRT2by Anthony R. McPhee

48 Pages|447 Views

Refresher review course. Tell You Proper Ways to Clean Je Tell You Proper Ways to Clean Jeby 925silverjewelry

2 Pages |1275 Views

Remember the dazzling, sparkling look of your favorite piece of cheap fashion jewelry when it was first purchased? Keeping that beautiful look is very...


3D_Cleaningby Vladimir Fevralev

27 Pages|732 Views

The cleaning fish

The cleaning fishby Arabic classes Dalia Safwat


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Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaningby AIESEC Germany XPST

17 Pages|1300 Views

Effects of copper on marine invertebrate larvae in

Effects of copper on marine invertebrate larvae inby lee Luther

21 Pages |3380 Views

Effects of copper on marine invertebrate larvae in surface water from San Diego Bay, CA Gunther Rosen1, Ignacio Rivera-Duarte1, Lora Kear-Padilla2, ...