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Computer Networks ( Physical Layer-2)

Computer Networks ( Physical Layer-2)by IT Expert

88 Pages |5598 Views

This presentation speaks about Modems, Multiplexing Techniques and various Switching Techniques.

Digital Electronics IV Binary codes & Switching logic

Digital Electronics IV Binary codes & Switching logicby Parag Parandkar

37 Pages|5408 Views

This Tutorial is forth in the series of lectures in Digital Electronics.<br/><br/>This covers following topics:<br/>Binary Codes <...

Digital Electronics Tutorial  – II  Number System

Digital Electronics Tutorial – II Number Systemby Parag Parandkar

37 Pages |13675 Views

This Tutorial is second in series of the Digital Electronics Tutorials. This Tutorial covers following core topics:<br/>Introduction to Number S...

Evolution of Public Telecom Networks

Evolution of Public Telecom Networksby Priyanka

65 Pages|3013 Views

At the end of the class participants will understand the Telecom networks evolution path.<br/>The Lecturer explains how Telecom networks evolved...

Logic Design Fundamental

Logic Design Fundamentalby Nguyen Thanh Kien

83 Pages |5612 Views

Lecture 1 - Introduction 1.1. Number Systems 1.2. Switching Algebra and Logic Circuits