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Students Migrating to Canada Series - 2

Students Migrating to Canada Series - 2by Dr Aman Biswas

44 Pages |4193 Views

Students have an opportunity here. You can educate, get a degree an environment and a job. A secure life. But how ?
A multimillion dollar ques ask...

Immigration Made Easy - Series 3

Immigration Made Easy - Series 3by Reet Boparai

27 Pages|2747 Views

This is my third lecture regarding Immigration matters: CEC

MYOB Training Courses

MYOB Training Coursesby Annette Liotta

1 Page |3376 Views

Looking for MYOB training? It can be difficult to decide where to start and what style of training best caters for your needs. Finding the right cours...

Electrical High line Workers - Video

Electrical High line Workers - Videoby AngelCedeño


How work is performed in high altitude at high risk.
- Following always clear directions and
- Always 100% concentration in their work

Alligator Goes Bad - Video

Alligator Goes Bad - Videoby AngelCedeño


What is the root cause of this event?<br/><br/>Kenny lose concentration, He got distracted, He used to clean the sweat from both side fron...