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E-Business Strategy

E-Business Strategyby Mario A. Attard

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Although electronic business (e-business) is often associated with the World Wide Web, this is only one aspect of the subject. In fact e-business tech...

Business-Level Strategy

Business-Level Strategyby Justin Kane

41 Pages|160187 Views

Business-Level Strategy Business-level strategy: an integrated and coordinated set of commitments and actions the firm uses to gain a competitive adv...

1 Basic E-Commerce Concepts

1 Basic E-Commerce Conceptsby Chiranjibi Regmi

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How m-Commerce Mobile App can give boost to your Business

How m-Commerce Mobile App can give boost to your Businessby Semaphore Software


A survey of eCommerce growth and the future of mCommerce. How mobiles are changing the way eCommerce is fast penetrating the smartphone. Silver Shop i...

Signposting in Presentations

Signposting in Presentationsby DEAN BUSH M.Sc.

9 Pages|19273 Views

Signposting in presentations focuses on the words and phrases in your talk that will get and maintain the attention of your audience members. Learn an...