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6.041 / 6.431 21.Bayesian Statistical Inference - I

6.041 / 6.431 21.Bayesian Statistical Inference - Iby LearnOnline Through OCW

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“It is the mark of truly educated people to be deeply moved by statistics.” -Oscar Wilde.

This lecture notes introduces Bayesian Statistica...

6.041/6.431 22.Bayesian Statistical Inference - II

6.041/6.431 22.Bayesian Statistical Inference - IIby LearnOnline Through OCW

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In this lecture notes we are going to continue with Bayesian Statistical Inference - II. Topics covered in this section are (Bayesian) Least Means Squ...

Hierarchical Bayesian models

Hierarchical Bayesian modelsby Martin Neon

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Hierarchical Bayesian models Can represent and reason about knowledge at multiple levels of abstraction. Have been used by statisticians for many ye...