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6.034-01, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

6.034-01, Introduction to Artificial Intelligenceby LearnOnline Through OCW

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This is a brief introduction about how the Artificial course is arranged and waht are all the objectieves of this course is explained here.


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligenceby Paull Shocker

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,Knowledge representation underlying thesis of GOFAI: Intelligence requires the ability to represent informa...

Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems - An Introduction

Artificial Intelligence & Expert Systems - An Introductionby Ruchi Sharma

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This content introduces you to the concepts of artificial intelligence & the expert systems. It helps you get the conceptual knowledge of AI, an e...



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Designed according to Anna University Coimbatore Syllabus .B.E IV year CSE

artificial intelligence in agriculture

artificial intelligence in agricultureby monu rohila

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contains implantation of AI in Agriculture

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence  LECTURE 1

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence LECTURE 1by Paull Shocker

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence LECTURE 11: Nonmonotonic Reasoning Motivation: beyond FOL + resolution Closed-world assumption Default ru...

Unit 3 of AI

Unit 3 of AIby Ayushi Singh

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Artificial intelligence<br/>


6.034-5:MachineLearning-3by LearnOnline Through OCW

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In this lecture notes we are going to continue with MachineLearning-3,Different topics are discussed such as Linear hypothesis, HyperPlane, Dual form,...

6.034-04 Learning Introduction

6.034-04 Learning Introductionby LearnOnline Through OCW

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This lecture explores Variety of Learning methods, Decission trees, Learning as search, Propotional logic, Disjuntieve normal form and about cross val...

6.006A: Streams, Part 1

6.006A: Streams, Part 1by LearnOnline Through OCW


In this unit we will learn about assignments, State and Implications.
Here it is explained streams with the help of several examples.

" P...

AI - Knowledge Representation Schemes

AI - Knowledge Representation Schemesby Ruchi Sharma

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This content gives an overview about the knowledge representation schemes in AI. It is of great help to beginners in this discipline as it explains th...