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Inside PK Cryptography:Math and Implementation

Inside PK Cryptography:Math and Implementationby Justin Kane

49 Pages |5396 Views

Inside PK Cryptography: Math and Implementation Sriram Srinivasan (“Ram”) Agenda Introduction to PK Cryptography Ess...

Real Numbers

Real Numbersby Gurukul24x7 Gurukul24x7

6 Pages|1825 Views

Euclid algorithm and Prime factorization.

Algo Storing Data

Algo Storing Databy Indira Natarajan

1 Page |1018 Views

Algorithm for Storing Data into a Single Dimension Array

6.837-1 Computer Graphics Course overview

6.837-1 Computer Graphics Course overviewby LearnOnline Through OCW

65 Pages|6697 Views

This is an Introduction Lecture Notes on Computer GRaphics. It explains the structure of course and the details of course are Fundamentals of computer...

6.837-15 Graphics Pipeline 3: Polygon Rasterization

6.837-15 Graphics Pipeline 3: Polygon Rasterizationby LearnOnline Through OCW

62 Pages |1649 Views

Scan conversion is a process of converting continuous in to diccrete .Topics covered in this lecture notes are Geometric primitive-2D: point, line, p...

6.837-16 Graphics Pipeline 4: Polygon Clipping

6.837-16 Graphics Pipeline 4: Polygon Clippingby LearnOnline Through OCW

80 Pages|1613 Views

This lecture notes explores Polygon Clipping.The topics covered under this lecture notes are Clipping and other geometric algorithms.Weiler-Atherton ...

6.19: Biased Random Walks, Distributions

6.19: Biased Random Walks, Distributionsby LearnOnline Through OCW


In this lecture look at simulations, they are typically descriptive not prescriptive. Describe a situation, they don't tell you what the answer is. ...

Assembly Language

Assembly Languageby meryylle16

3 Pages|3689 Views

What is Assembly Language?
Assembly Language is the fastest and most efficient programming language in any computer. It allows programmer...

Database Theory and Advance

Database Theory and Advanceby Alexander Payte

8 Pages |5220 Views

Database Management System<br/> Concepts of DBMS<br/> Types of Database Systems<br/> Hierarchical<br/> Network<br/>...

6.006 3.Airplane scheduling,Binary search trees

6.006 3.Airplane scheduling,Binary search treesby LearnOnline Through OCW

6 Pages|1921 Views

This lecture notes described the following objectives:
• Runway reservation system
– Definition
– How to solve with lists
• Binary...

6.006 4. Balanced Binary Search Trees

6.006 4. Balanced Binary Search Treesby LearnOnline Through OCW

9 Pages |1516 Views

This lesson reviews the following information:
• The importance of being balanced
• AVL trees
– Definition
– Balance
– Inser...

6.006 5. Hashing I: Chaining, Hash functions

6.006 5. Hashing I: Chaining, Hash functionsby LearnOnline Through OCW

7 Pages|3518 Views

Upon completion of this lesson, you should be able to better under stand How to solve the Dictionary Problem with the help of Python and the basic lo...

DataMining With Analysis Services

DataMining With Analysis Servicesby IT Expert

53 Pages |1010 Views

Data mining provides insights into data well beyond those provided by reporting, and Analysis Services streamlines the mining process. While the data ...

6.006 8. Sorting I: Heaps

6.006 8. Sorting I: Heapsby LearnOnline Through OCW

6 Pages|1088 Views

This lecture notes introduces Sorting. Sorting is a procees of arranging the data in a predefined sequence. This lesson reviews the different types of...

Dynamic programming

Dynamic programmingby priya

18 Pages |2803 Views

Dynamic Programming is an algorithm design method that can be used when the solution to a problem may be viewed as the result of a sequence of decisio...

6.263-1:Computer Networks - Introduction

6.263-1:Computer Networks - Introductionby LearnOnline Through OCW

26 Pages|4542 Views

In this lecture notes we will learn about Fundamental aspects of network Design and Analysis: Architecture Layering, Topology design,Protocols,Pt.-to-...

6.441-7 Shannon-Fano-Elias codes, Slepian-Wolf

6.441-7 Shannon-Fano-Elias codes, Slepian-Wolfby LearnOnline Through OCW

7 Pages |2346 Views

Various topics discussed in this lecture notes are Elias codes ,Slepian-Wolf, Compression: pulling it together.Huffman codes Huffman codes are optima...

6.441-9 Maximizing capacity, Blahut-Arimoto

6.441-9 Maximizing capacity, Blahut-Arimotoby LearnOnline Through OCW

15 Pages|1617 Views

Lecture outline, Maximizing capacity: Arimoto-Blahut,Convergence and
Examples.Arimoto-Blahut Lemma 1: I(X; Y ) , Other types of maximization: Int...

CCNA3 - Chapter 5

CCNA3 - Chapter 5by Jack Drooger

27 Pages |5206 Views

Explain the role of redundancy in a converged network<br/>Summarize how STP works to eliminate Layer 2 loops in a converged network <br/>...