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A2 AP Demand and Utility I V

A2 AP Demand and Utility I Vby Yusuf Ashworth


Takes students through the basics of utility theory in a step by step, student-friendly way with assessment built in. Meant for Advanced Placement an...

Cobb-Douglas Utility Function

Cobb-Douglas Utility Functionby Adrián Brenes

12 Pages|30571 Views

Some basic microeconomic concepts applied to a Cobb-Douglas utility function.

Production Possibility Frontier

Production Possibility Frontierby Yusuf Ashworth

3 Pages |839 Views

Shape of PPF
What causes a shift out
Opportunity cost and PPF
Factor immobility

Short-run Cost functions

Short-run Cost functionsby Yusuf Ashworth

8 Pages|2250 Views

Marginal cost - when do diminishing returns set in?
Average cost and intersection with marginal cost
Total cost and its shape