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Chemistry Project on Acid, Base and Salts.

Chemistry Project on Acid, Base and Jyoti garg


Use of Acid and Base is very much common in our everyday life as well study point of view. Project on this topic contains several research articles cl...

ph & pOH values- Strong Acid & Base

ph & pOH values- Strong Acid & Baseby Jyoti garg


This video helps in calculating the values of pH & pOH of strong acid and base. The credit of this video goes to Khan Academy http://www.khanacade...

Conjugate Acid -Base : Introduction

Conjugate Acid -Base : Introductionby Jyoti garg


This video contain the basic definition of conjugate acid and conjugate base. These definitions are explained through examples. The credit of this vid...

Acids and Bases

Acids and Basesby Jyoti garg

116 Pages|5788 Views

This ppt covers concepts related to Acid and Base such as : Types, distinguish, theories , concepts , numericals, titrations, buffer and many more.

Acid and Base

Acid and Baseby Anupa Medhekar


acid base titration

acids and bases 3

acids and bases 3by retty pappachan

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acids and bases 2

acids and bases 2by retty pappachan

21 Pages |3145 Views

class 11 cbse topic

acids and bases

acids and basesby retty pappachan

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acid-base revew

acid-base revewby samy abou elella

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Acids and Bases; The Basics

Acids and Bases; The Basicsby David Jeffrey

29 Pages |5648 Views

From GPC CHEM 1151

Acids and Bases; The Basics_II

Acids and Bases; The Basics_IIby David Jeffrey

29 Pages|4035 Views

From GPC CHEM 1151