Make website without spending a cent - 2 : DoctorKC

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Do not save page with content. It would be autosaved every 10 minutes. You may modify autosave to about 3-5 minutes with Edit/Preferences. Copy index.html file as services.html prices.html contact.html
You may copy file at MyComputer. Else you may save three blank pages and paste content from index.html.
Now you have four template pages. Just type the matter, add tables and images you wish.
You may upload four pages in several ways :-
1. Your webhost often provides upload from your hosting account - free at
2. Use ftp://username:password(AT)ftphostname as address on internet (Internet Explorer). Just paste the files (filenames from MyComputer) on empty page.
3. FTP software as downloaded above.
The website may not look very beautiful. Your visitors are more concerned with content. Do not forget to add page title. It may be added while saving blank page and modified by clicking Format at the top.
Well friends, that was all about website that only runs.
Also website has two parts - the hidden head and the visible body. We shall take up head as first thing in next video.
Second type is website that only shows. Just pay Rs5000 to a webmaster and get website. Unless you have maintenance contract, it would remain unaltered for years until you find it useless and discard.
For correcting diabetees to diabetes, you depend upon webmaster. In case there are two brokers in between and you do not know webmaster, no modification is possible.
In my next video, I shall take up website which shows and works.
In the mean time please keep three principles in mind :-
1. Never try to learn html
2. Never try to remember html
3. Just copy html from my website, from other websites and from your own old pages.

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