Introduction on Teach Ourselves Team Learning Environment(TOTLE)

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* Together we are stronger and wiser

* We can teach ourselves anything

* We can inspire each other

* We are all creators

* Learning should be Learner centered(Inner centered) and interests driven


* It is to get you guys connected and work as a team, and help each other.

* Encourage everyone to be creating, sharing, helping and teaching.

* First is to set up a TOTLE among the facilitators.

* Second is to set up a TOTLE among the members and facilitators.

* Final goal is to help each member set up and lead his own new TOTLE.

Note: TOTLE = Teach Ourselves Team Learning Environment

Code of Conduct

* Please be polite and respect each other, even when you have very different opinions on something.

* It is exactly this difference makes us a stronger team and helps us seeing the bigger picture.

* After all, there's just a simple rule - "Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated."

* Love and light to everyone.


* Skype Group



* Google Reader

* Blogs



* WiZiQ

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George Machlan

I totally like the concept... "everyone can teach, everyone SHOOULD teach". I am a bit concerned by structurally demanding so many supporting technologies to participate in a great idea. The learning curve and therefor price of entry is formidable. Please re-visit your core values and think about a simpler system. Both for the leader (teacher) and the paSee more

3339 days 30 minutes ago


I like the idea a lot, Sam. I wish you good luck. I wish I might join you in summer when I don't have classes at school.

3339 days 1 hours 3 minutes ago

Silvia Purpuri

Just G R E A T !!!

3339 days 1 hours 59 minutes ago

Julia Beauty


3339 days 2 hours 23 minutes ago

RetSam Zhang
Artist, Online English Tutor
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