MM6: Creating a Learning Center in a Virtual World

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Hi Heather here is the link to the recording, and YES all the live sessions are recorded and will be available via the same link to the live session - go to COURSE SCHEDULE open the day and find the Recording or Live Session links.
Link to Recording of Nancy Zingrone's session: more

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Is the recording going up for this one like it has for the others only I can't see it in the list. I can see in the feed that somebody has been looking at it but I'm not on a mobile device, I'm on a desk top PC so no apps just the standard login.

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Creating a Learning Center in a Virtual World : Creating a Learning Center in a Virtual World Nancy L. Zingrone, Ph.D. Northcentral University

Today’s talk : Today’s talk A little bit about virtual worlds Active and passive learning in virtual worlds Finding and planning a space Gadgets and skills for information presentation Marketing, updating, utilizing The future

a little bit about virtual worlds : a little bit about virtual worlds Some History and Why VWs fascinate us so …

The characteristics of a virtual world : The characteristics of a virtual world Visual Immersion 3-D Display Reality is a step away Machine-based/Computer-based environment that feels complete even when it’s not exactly Social connections Retrieved from , and

Gibson’s definition of “cyberspace” : Gibson’s definition of “cyberspace” Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts... A graphic representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city lights, receding. William Gibson, 1984, Neuromancer Retrieved from

Steven downey, “history of virtual worlds” : Steven downey, “history of virtual worlds” Virtual worlds represent a small but dynamic sector of the computer technology field with global applications ranging from art and entertainment to online instructional delivery and educational research. Despite their worldwide acceptance and usage, few educators, researchers, or everyday gamers fully understand the history and evolution of virtual worlds – their genres, platforms, features, and affordances. Many of the innovations we readily recognize today (e.g., user creation of in–world objects in worlds like Second Life) began as grassroots efforts by gaming and computer enthusiasts who were long on passion but short on documentation. The end result is a twisted and often thorny history for a technology that now actively engages hundreds of millions of users worldwide and millions of users within education alone. From the Journal of Technology Studies, Retrieved from

And why … : And why … A collision of creativity with an insatiable curiosity about other lives, other ways of being

Passive and active learning in virtual worlds : Passive and active learning in virtual worlds Taking our curiosity and our creativity to the facilitation of learning

Slide9 : Use of Second Life or other virtual worlds such as Minecraft, Unity, OpenSim, by schools, colleges, universities, individual teachers, trainers, curators, facilitators, builders and others to allow learners to learn by doing Active Learning

Slide10 : Passive Learning Allowing learners to explore, experience, read, listen, watch, walk through, travel over libraries, replicas, imaginative environments, museums, art galleries, historical communities, works by others to soak up information or understanding Second Life -- Second Life -- Open Sim— CraftWorld --

Finding and planning space : Finding and planning space The AZIRE Library and Learning Center

Key decisions : Key decisions Finding an affordable space Finding a welcoming community Available prims --- can you do what you need to do with the prims available Statement of purpose Defining space usage Obtaining materials, skills, experience

Slide13 : Started Out Here Ended up Here The SLMOOC HQ

Gadgets and skills : Gadgets and skills Setting up the Space

1st floor content: Basic Information : 1 st floor content: Basic Information Reception desk with Visitor Counter, Donation Box, Recommendations for Destinations in the Community and around Second Life Wall of Researchers in our field with click-throughs to their websites Our Advisory Board with click-throughs to their websites Making a Display that Gives a Notecard: Making a Display that Gives a URL:

More 1st Floor: Content, Amenities : More 1 st Floor: Content, Amenities Recommended Books “Anywhere Doors to upper floors Website Viewer that Provides URLs for Funders, Universities and Info Websites for the field Recently published Recommended Books

More 1st Floor: staff message boards & more : More 1 st Floor: staff message boards & more Free Unisex Tee Shirt Group Joiner Staff Message Boards

2nd floor: discussion room mezzanine : 2 nd floor: discussion room mezzanine “Anywhere Door” to Roof Garden, PowerPoint for Discussion, Comfy Sofas and Chairs, Coffee & Cookies

3rd Floor: Virtual Library : 3 rd Floor: Virtual Library Articles and books in Spanish and English freely available on the internet, discussion table and seating View of the 3 rd floor as the sun has started to set

The meditation porch and the view at midnight : The meditation porch and the view at midnight The AZIRE Library and Learning Center in SL:

Marketing, utilizing, and the future : Marketing, utilizing, and the future Some advice …

Marketing and utilization … : Marketing and utilization … Use all your usual social media to make announcements, advertise events and circulate photos: Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube etc. Use a “Free” Group to keep track of people who want inworld notices The more events you have, the more traffic you generate for the site, and the more likely it will be listed in search on Second Life Use Second Life Events to schedule public events, offer freebies to attendees and members of your Location’s Group. Be a good neighbor and publicize their projects. Don’t use your space all the time? Make sure your friends and colleagues know it’s available for them to use. Traffic brings more people into contact with your subject matter.

The future : The future A discussion group from my WizIQ-based ParaMOOC2015 meets monthly on the Mezzanine Will run a discussion group from the WizIQ-based ParaMOOC2016 (January/February 2016) Setting up a workshop series on teaching in virtual worlds (hopefully with Dr. Nellie and other pals) Planning on completing the library, now Spanish & English, with references in German, French and Portuguese Working on other Chilbo Community Builds: The Connectivism Reading Room, and the Chilbo Public Library Hang with my friends, and maybe build something in another virtual world …

References : References The Rose Theater: http:// , 6O9c , https:// , https :// OddProfessor’s Science Museum: http :// , QvEmBMo SLMOOC14 Playlist, “Lecture and Tour of Professor OddProfessor’s Science Museum”: NonProfit Commons in Second Life: / , / , https:// History of Virtual Worlds (from Journal of Virtual Worlds Research ): Damer (2008), “Meeting in the Ether”: https:// Virtual Worlds Timeline: / GamesWithHank, Oculus Rift Demonstration : https:// Destinations in Second Life that are extraordinary with Oculus Rift: http:// For Gadgets search for “Crystal Gadgets” on the Second Life Market Place SLMOOC15 Course Page on WizIQ: http:// Thank you for your attention from Maggie & Me

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