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Slides created by Nives Torresi for the live presentation on Thursday 26 Feb, 2015 used to make the video tts presentation by Tom Hodgers.

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Bibliography of links :

Bibliography of links : Play, Learn and Grow Together An After School English Speaking project by Nives Torresi

Bibliography of links : Aim of the Project For young elementary children After school as a time to learn something new To see English as a means of communication Making it fun with games and music Prepare for a final recital

Bibliography of links : Layout of dates, participating children, age group Dates of the Project Number of 90 minute lessons Number of Children Relevant age group Date Lessons Children Age 04/11/13 – 16/12/13 7 9 7 10/02/14 – 14/04/14 9 8 7 20/10/14 – 16/12/14 10 6 8

Bibliography of links : Project syllabus

Bibliography of links : Play Activities carried out in a playing atmosphere

Bibliography of links : Games to create ‘movement’ What’s the Time Mr Wolf Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

Bibliography of links : Songs and Dance The ABC Song

Bibliography of links : The Busy Buzz Song Sing-along in groups

Bibliography of links : Learn Activities based on Learning the English spoken language

Bibliography of links : Key to enter the classroom Every week the students had to memorize one phrase and repeat it the next class!

Bibliography of links : Numbers, dates, days, months, seasons …

Bibliography of links : Word activities, Reading, Listening …

Bibliography of links : Grow Together Activities for home and Preparation of Recital theme

Bibliography of links : Concept board to use at home too! Teacher Board Individual Student Boards

Bibliography of links : Italian to English First language into Second language

Bibliography of links : News Cast Live News Report Good evening welcome I am Mario - Junior Reporter for 3B NewsCast, and I will talk about the Fabriano Crime Report. One week ago in Fabriano there was a bank robbery of the Banca delle Marche and 2 robbers ran away with €100,000.00 (one hundred thousand euro). They used plastic weapons, guns and rifles. But the bank workers did not know the guns were plastic.  The police never found the money or the bank robbers. Today after more than 5 days there was another bank robbery and the police were able to capture the robbers and save the bank from losing the money. Thank you for watching this news cast. Mario signing off. News Report Good afternoon everyone I am Michael, Junior Reporter 3B NewsCast – Reporting on Fires in our city. There were many Fires in the mountains of Fabriano last summer, that destroyed most of the trees. We followed the in the foot steps of the Mountain Co-operative which planted more than 2,000 new trees. But even today there was a fire that destroyed the Town Sports Centre. They town Mayor has decided to donate another building for the Sports centre and the town’s Basket Ball Team to use as their home ground. Thank you for listening to this FIRE UPDATE News Cast Michael signing off.

Bibliography of links : We created our very own Badge

Bibliography of links : Final recital We took our places at the front of the class We opened the show with a song We introduced ourselves one by one The last one was the first to present After our presentation we danced and sang to a song We watched a slide show of our Project We welcomed Parents and Friends

Bibliography of links : Thank you Prepared by Nives Torresi for IATEFL YLT SIG Webinar online at WizIQ

Bibliography of links : Bibliography of links hakuta/www/LAU/ICLangLit/NaturalApproach.htm / http://

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