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Connecting Online for 2015 or CO15 is a massive open online conference or a MOOC. You’re invited to join the conference area to get the latest updates, get the content, access the live online classes, watch the recordings, and participate in discussions: 

CO15 includes 36 presenters from 17 countries. The presenters are educators who have volunteered to share how they connect online for instruction and learning. Click on the following link to learn more about the Presenters.

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February 6-8 : February 6-8 Passionate about Sharing Information Conference Area | List of Webinars | Add the Calendar | About CO15

Slide2 : Friday

Slide3 : Dr. Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D) is internationally known as a relationship, transformative, and collaborative based consultant, researcher, writer, speaker, and community builder; expert in implementing educational technology, WizIQ, and Moodle; organizes and moderates online conferences, MOOCs, research studies, mindfulness practice, teacher training and professional development courses. She presents at face-to-face conferences worldwide. She ’ s been teaching English as a foreign language in high school and higher education for the past 38 years. She ’ s an instructor at a teachers ’ college, community college, Atlantic University Masters of Arts in Transpersonal and leadership studies online.

Slide4 : Dr. Revathi Viswanathan Currently working as Professor in English in B.S.Abdur Rahman University, Chennai. Has got 21 years of teaching experience at the collegiate level. Has specialized in ELT and using technology in language teaching. Has conducted short studies for developing communication skills among students with the help of technological tools like Blog, Wiki, Mobile Devices, Moodle and Podcast . A teacher trainer and has been regularly training teachers in the use of technology in a language classroom. Likes to present papers in national and international conferences. Has authored three books, two chapters in CALL related books and a few articles in refereed journals.

Slide5 : Janet Bianchini Janet Bianchini has worked in the field of EFL both as a teacher and teacher trainer since 1979. She has a BA in French, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education in TEFL, and is a DELTA qualified tutor. She has been an online moderator since 2010 and has a keen interest in integrating technology into her lessons. She is one of the 15 collaborators and co-authors of Connecting Online, Instruction for Learning: International Perspectives , published in 2013 by Dr Nellie Deutsch. She considers herself to be a lifelong learner, and is always seeking to develop professionally, and to improve her teaching skills. She enjoys being a learner on online classes, and is always keen to explore something new. She has been a presenter at Connecting Online since 2011. Her particular field of interest is in using comics and cartoons in her lessons. She curates the popular Comics and Cartoons site and hosts a blog called Janet ’ s Abruzzo Edublog .

Slide6 : Dr. Bob Diotalevi Dr. Bob Diotalevi, Esq., LL.M., is an Associate Professor of Legal Studies at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida. He has been a lawyer for twenty-nine (29) years as a member of the Massachusetts and Florida bars. He possesses four (4) degrees and has been internationally published. In 2009 Dr. Diotalevi had a book published. It is entitled, “ The Florida Paralegal, ” with Attorney William Statsky and published by Cengage Learning. Dr. Diotalevi was a professional broadcaster for eight (8) years and held managerial positions in radio news and production. Dr. Diotalevi ’ s works have been published in SMU School of Law ’ s Computer Law Review and Technology Journal, The Paralegal Educator, The Journal of Paralegal Education and Practice, and The Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration. He also serves as an editor for The British Journal of Social Sciences, British Association of Academic Research, Midlands, U.K, The OnLine Journal of Distance Learning Administration, State University of West Georgia, The European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland, and The Journal of Biblical Integration in Business (JBIB), Christian Business Faculty Association, Mount Vernon, OH. Dr. Diotalevi is a member of The Board of Reviewers, The Journal of Interactive Online Learning, The University of Alabama and a reviewer for The Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution, Academic Journals, Kenya, Africa. Dr. Diotalevi presents at national and regional law-related conferences as well as at various legal organizations around the country.

Slide7 : Originally from London, Charles Goodger, the founder of FunSongs Education speaks six languages (including Latvian) and writes language-learning action songs. He has a modern languages degree in French and Spanish from London University and an RSA TEFL teaching certificate. As well as running FunSongs Education, Charles has permanent tenure as a Collaboratore Esperto Linguistico at Bologna University in Italy. Charles Goodger is an English teacher, teacher trainer, text-book and digital materials writer, playwright, songwriter and entrepreneur. You can find out more about how he put together his interests in music and language learning for the benefit of teachers and learners in the PDF book Music and Mime, Rhythm and Rhyme. Since founding FunSongs Education, Charles has been a plenary speaker and held action song workshops at international ELT conferences in China, India, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Israel, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Spain, Cyprus, England and Scotland. "I'm so glad I studied languages. Being able to listen, understand and communicate in different languages makes relations with people from other places so much richer and less superficial. Of course in this globalizing 21st century a proper grounding in lingua franca English is part of the new literacy but that doesn't mean native English speakers who venture abroad can assume they can get by in English alone. Mastering a foreign language shows you respect others' cultures and identities and can foster harmony. And that's why it's so important that English is taught well at an early age! "

Slide8 : In 2010, Jennifer left teaching to begin PRINCIPLED Learning Strategies, through which she provides professional development to support the integration of authentic student-driven global learning experiences in schools. She has a broad background in global program planning and evaluation, student-driven curricular strategies, single-sex education, student service travel, and experiential, inquiry-driven learning. Jennifer is Professional Development Director for World Leadership School, coaching teachers in global integration and facilitating projects between North American classrooms and schools around the world. She is a National Faculty member for the Buck Institute for Education, facilitating workshops on Project-Based Learning, and she provides strategic coaching to schools involved in TakingITGlobal ’ s Future Friendly Schools project. Jennifer is a central partner in the Centre for Global Education ’ s international video conferences, and she writes curriculum and delivers professional development workshops for several Fulbright teacher programs through the Institute of International Education and the U.S. State Department. A product of experiential project-based education herself, Jennifer D. Klein taught college and high school English for 19 years, including five years in Central America and 11 years in all-girls education.

Slide9 : Andreas Molander is an English teacher at a high school in Denmark. Andreas loathes marking papers. Endless hours with a pen as his only companion and desperate sessions where students ignored the comments that he ’ d wasted his energy on made him think that there had to be better ways of doing it. The result was LangCorr – short for Language Correction. LangCorr is an organization that takes all the things that he doesn ’ t like about being a teacher and makes them meaningful, and thus it allows him to do the things he ’ s passionate about: namely spending time with his students and ensuring that they develop their skills.

Slide10 : Robin Stevens Payes is an author and creator of the teen time travel transmedia storytelling adventure Out of Time , and founder of flipped learning platform Out of Time Media , writes often about health, education, science and psychology for the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) award-winning Sara Bellum Blog and other NIDA and NIH publications on the neuroscience of addiction. She was founding editor-in-chief of LearnNow , the Web portal introducing parents and educators to the science of learning. She has written about empathy for the neuroscience research Dana Foundation. Robin frequently blogs and posts in social media about teens, peer pressure and learning. She was co-author of a case study about the use of social media to educate teens on the neuroscience of drug abuse and addition the Sara Bellum Blog for The Journal of Social Marketing . In March, Robin will be leading a teen writing group sponsored by the Mary land Writers Association. Founder and principal of WordsWork Communications , a social marketing firm applying cutting-edge communications to bring research to life.

Slide11 : Stephan Hughes, M.A. in Linguistics Over the last 18 years, Stephan has resided in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is currently an academic coordinator at the country ’ s leading EFL institution and is a member of the school ’ s Teacher Training and Development division. He lectures in face-to-face and online specialization programs for language teachers and translators and for K-12 teachers. He has worked as freelance translator and interpreter and materials writer. He is a blogger enthusiast and co-founder and co-moderator of the Twitter chat dedicated for educators learning to use Twitter, known as #nt2t.

Slide12 : Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Slide13 : Susan Hillyard, B.Ed.(Hons) Warwick University (U.K.) has work experience in seventeen countries as a teacher, director, speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant, researcher, on-line tutor. She was Prof. Language IV in Lenguas Vivas and UTN, Bs As. She is a NILE Associate Trainer, in Norwich, UK. She has co-authored a Resource Book for Teachers Global Issues for OUP and TDI-TKT On-line Course for Pearson, New York. Moderator EVO Drama on-line course for TESOL and on-line tutor on the Masters in ELT, La Sabana University, Colombia. Now coordinator: English in Action, teaching English through Drama in Special Education, Ministry of Education, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Slide14 : Saturday Saturday

Slide15 : Justin Hunt is the creator of PoodLL, a multimedia recording and embedding solution for Moodle. A former teacher, he is passionate about the use of technology in the classroom and is heavily involved in open source development in the edtech sector. When he is not Moodling, he is also the project development manager for, and runs marathons.

Slide16 : Dr. Fahriye Altınay Dr. Zehra Altınay Full time lecturer in Atatürk Education Faculty at Near East University Director of Societal Research and Development Center. She is board member of Distance Education Center Vice Chair of Educational Institute Coordinator of unobstructed information technology for disabled people platform Section editor in Education and Science Journal which is SSCI journal Member of British Educational Research Association, E-learning Association, Association of Educational Communication and Technology, GUIDE Reviewers in journals

Slide17 : Dr. Phil Harris is an experienced small business entrepreneur, coach and mentor with a passion for helping others in small business. He has written articles for academic journals and other business publications about entrepreneurship and finance. Dr. Harris has served as chief financial officer in both higher education and manufacturing and has entrepreneurial experience in manufacturing, real estate, and consulting. Dr. Harris employs a Socratic teaching style focusing on learner-centered, goal-based learning techniques guiding students to succeed one at a time . An innovative, results-oriented management and technical professional with extensive qualifications in Enterprise Networks and Data Center Operations, and Network Engineering and Design in the field of data and voice networks. Dedicated educator with 15+ years track record of instructional expertise in Organizational & Management Theory, Systems Theory, Data and Voice Communications, Operating Systems, LAN & WAN Networking, Project Management, and Corporate Ethics. Dr. Antonio Tovar Information Technology Strategist with substantial experience in corporate information technology solutions and methodologies in levering IT Infrastructure resources.

Slide18 : Dr. Cheryl Lentz , DM, MSIR, is an International Best Selling Author, Professor, Publishers, Professional Editor, & Speaker, known globally for her writings on leadership, as well as critical and refractive thinking. She is an expert in teaching thousands to apply critical thinking skills using the WRIST Method to problem solve in record time, offering coaching and editing services to those pursuing higher education to contribute to their mastery and success. Website:

Slide19 : Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson earned her PhD from Oulu University, Finland in 2012, with a dissertation on international benchmarking, and quality enhancement on e-learning in Higher Education . Her research interests are in collaborative learning from the rhizome perspectives, on the challenges of creating and sharing cultures and innovative learning spaces as OER and MOOC. She has a special interest in benchmarking and quality related issues. Ossiannilsson is highly active in sharing trends and innovation and the utilization of technology in the educational sector in social media and networks. She serves as consultant in quality in e-learning and serves as certified quality reviewer. She serves as reviewer in international Journals, and publish herself as well,for Conferences, Journals and book chapters.Ossiannilsson is boardmember in EDEN-NAP and SADE and she awarded the EDEN Fellow 2014 from Lund University Sweden

Slide20 : Dr. Rachel Sale is an educator with extensive faculty training experience facilitating innovative use of educational technology. Research interests include online social networking, poverty & the online environment, and innovative ed. tech. concepts. Specialties: Instructional Technology; Adobe Captivate, Adobe Creative Suite, Mobile Application Design, Web Design and Presentation: XML, HTML, JavaScript, usability, CSS, WYSIWYG layout tools; Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 (Dreamweaver, Illustrator; Photoshop; Acrobat, Fireworks, Flash, Contribute); Microsoft Office Suite 2010 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher); Articulate 09; Technical Writing

Slide21 : Nives Torresi and Tom Hodgers Nives has been teaching English as a Foreign language in high schools and private companies for over 15 years. She has been involved in the English4U Regional programs providing Cambridge exam preparation for FCE. She has designed and carried out year long English language programs for business professionals in F2F classes. An avid lifelong learner committed to enriching the lives of her students and recently complementing her teaching skills with online live tutoring and presentations on WizIQ. Páez in Venezuela since 2006. He has designed, and teaches blended and 100% on-line classes via Moodle and WizIQ (both in English and Spanish) in the area of "Culture and Language" for Japanese, English and Oriental Philosophy. He specializes in Moodle and WizIQ as LMS', and is a qualified international expert in e-Learning Processes, Digital Media and Moodle. He is also a Moderator for the ever popular M4T and ELT-T MOOCs. A retired scientist, Tom has been a Coordinator and Facilitator at Certificate and Diploma level at the Centro de Extensiones de la Universidad Jose An Australian living in Italy, stumbling upon Teaching after a career in the clothing industry as Marketing executive.

Slide22 : Dr. Arkady Zilberma n, Ph. D. has to his credit 6 patents in Russia and 8 patents in the USA. In January 2013 he filed USA and International patents according to the PCT on “ Reverse language resonance systems and methods for foreign language acquisition. ” The full text of the patent application is here: The Language Bridge Technology (LBT) published an android application that creates an environment for acquisition of English as a practical skill . It could be used both in the class and at home for self-teaching. You may download it here:

Slide23 : She has been involved in special tailor made sites for museum visitors, a project called: Learning Based on Location- thewandering . She has tried it out with different groups of students and adults. The wandering with this site in an exhibition hall gets people involved, makes them interact with the exhibited objects. She has been wandering with science teachers, high school English teachers as well as with students around the country and instructed them to create their own thewandering sites. Talila has been working with students and teachers from abroad like, the Complutense university in Madrid. Talila Yehiel graduated Bezalel Academy of Art  at the Industrial Design Department. She also holds an M.A degree from the Tel Aviv History of Art department. She has an extensive experience in teaching pupils at all levels as well as tutoring teachers. Her  academic background, that integrates the material world and the creative process,  as well as the research world gives her tools for deep insight and diversity of working strategies.

Slide24 : A research psychologist who combines her thirty-year fascination with exceptional experiences with her passion for teaching, Dr. Zingrone is an adjunct faculty member in the School of Psychology at Northcentral University, an eager member of Dr. Nellie Deustch ’ s various teaching and learning networks, a sometime Moodle and WizIQ facilitator for that network, and the curator and co-founder of The AZIRE Library and Learning Center in Second Life (come visit us: ). She is also the co-organizer of a MOOC-in-progress on WizIQ, the experience of which will be the topic of her talk for CO15. Zingrone also blogs on wordpress occasionally on teaching and learning online ( ), is developing the YouTube channel, Teaching and Learning Online , as well as on a blog and YouTube channel on research and education on the scientific study of seemingly psychic experiences, both called Parapsychology Online . Nancy L. Zingrone

Slide25 : Brian C. Steinberg received his B.S. in Earth Science and Geology from Central Michigan University, and his M.A. in Post Secondary Education: Student Affairs and Geography from The University of Northern Iowa. Brian is also a June 2002 graduate of the Social Justice Training Institute and is currently finishing up his PhD in The Leadership for Higher Education Program at Capella University. Brian also received his Diversity Graduate Certificate from Capella University. Recently, Brian has completed his QM (Quality Matters) certification to help him be an even more effective online educator.

Slide26 : Sunday

Slide27 : Dr. V. Anitha Devi , Assistant Professor (Sr.), School of Social Sciences and Languages, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. She has been an adept in training teachers and BRTEs in DIET to use technology in language classes. She has done her research in Computer Assisted Language Learning from Anna University. Organizing and participating in International Conferences, guiding researchers and writing articles on Web 2.0, Educational Psychology, Culture, Literature and CALL for journals are her recent fortes. She is an associate member and faculty coordinator of IEEE-PCS VIT Students ’ Chapter.

Slide28 : Jeff Kuhn Jeff Kuhn is a Visiting Lecturer in the ELIP program at Ohio University. He is a games in education specialist, and worked on the language learning game Trace Effects for the U.S. Department of State Vance Stevens EFL teacher in Al Ain, founder of the CoP Webheads in Action, and coordinator of the weekly podcast series Learning2gether. Jeff and Vance are both co-moderators of the Electronic Village Online EVO Minecraft MOOC in Jan - Feb, 20

Slide29 : Steve Tuffill is a freelance copy, technical writer and student screenwriter, based in Valencia, California. Steve has been writing professionally since 1998. More recently, he has published over 160 articles on the Web on general subjects and was an active member of the IT Wiki, taking part in the editing, revising and final publication of over 600 articles over the space of three years. He has produced technical copy for the publishing house, Ziff-Davis, created Web copy for companies in Los Angeles and is currently engaged in writing copy for a photographer ’ s memoirs. Having performed many functions in his working life, Steve is always engaged with technology in every position he has held, but mainly persuading those around him of the power of collaborative writing. Steve sees himself not as a formally trained teacher or in an industry instructor role, but an ad-hoc trainer, jumping into many situations, mainly computer-based, where people need help with technology. He has worked with sales personnel, bankers and other office staff and has written SOPs. During 2009, he took on the role of project manager and trainer in a California dairy where a new route-accounting software and hardware solution was being launched. He complements his didactic role in industry with judicious editing and grammar-correction, ensuring that no bad grammar or spelling errors occur in any copy he has had a hand in. His curation Web site, New Words, is a compendium of information on how to write not only technical and creative copy, but also “ how-tos ” on English language spelling and grammar" Steve Tuffill

Slide30 : Sophia Mavridi is a Teacher Trainer, EAP Teacher and Oral Examiner. She has worked at primary and secondary school level in Greece and as a Director of Studies in the UK. Her postgraduate qualifications include a Masters degree in EdTech & TESOL (University of Manchester), and a DELTA, both with distinction. Among her research interests are Digital Citizenship, Media literacy and Digital Identity in ELT contexts. She is the Treasurer of the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG and a regular presenter at international conferences. She blogs at ELT @ first site and tweets as @SophiaMav. Sophia Mavridi

Slide31 : I have been teaching English as a second language at the Centro Boliviano Americano-a Bi-national center-for about 5 years now. I enjoy teaching because I learn a lot in the process. I teach teens and adults, from true beginners to advanced levels. I have started tutoring students in preparation for the TOEFL and TOEFL IBT tests lately. It is great to see them thrive and finally get great scores. I am a grammar enthusiast and I am thinking about writing my own book about Intermediate English Grammar in order to help other teachers to tutor students. By the end of this year I will have finished my university career and gotten my Bachelor ’ s degree in English. My biggest dream is to have found a teaching job in Dubai as soon as I graduate. I believe in service; “ He who was not born to serve, does not deserve to live. ” I believe in learning as a way of living and teaching as a way of giving back to our community. I live in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in South America. R osmery Ribera Ferrier

Slide32 : Dolly Bhasin is a knowledge entrepreneur and MD of SPH Consultancy & Eservices Pvt. Ltd. She has over 30 years of experience in simplifying technology for businesses and helping students to learn new technologies. As an entrepreneur she has innovated in the fields of elearning, EPublishing and Eservices delivery for Small businesses. She has been an avid speaker and has Organised many national international conferences. She is a gold medalist Electronics and Communications Engineer and Masters in Tourism and travel. She also specialized in Business Administration and Sales and marketing. Recipient of USABF award, Goldman Sach Scholarship and MasterCard scholarship.

Slide33 : Ludmila Smirnova, PhD Educates educators emphasizing constructivist approaches for learner engagement. Coming to the US in 2000 she embraced digital technology as tools for student involvement in the learning process. A certified Smart Board trainer, she is a partner at IT4ALL training teachers worldwide in Web 2.0 technologies, including Moodle.

Slide34 : Shelly Sanchez Terrell Shelly S. Terrell is a teacher trainer, instructional designer, adjunct professor, and the author of The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers and Learning to Go: Lesson Ideas for Teaching with Mobile Devices, Cell Phones & BYOT . She has inspired teachers and learners in over 100 countries online and face to face with the various workshops and professional development programs she has organized and founded. Entities, such as the ELTon Awards , The New York Times , the Ministry of Education in Spain , and Microsoft ’ s Heroes for Education have recognized her as an innovator in the movement of teacher driven professional development and education technology. Recently, she was named Woman of the Year by Star Jone ’ s National Association of Professional Women and awarded a Bammy Award as a founder of #Edchat, the Twitter chat that spurred over 400 educhats. She shares regularly via Teacher Reboot Camp , Twitter ( @ShellTerrell ), and . Her greatest joy is being the mother of Rosco the pug.

Slide35 : Dr. Janet Salmons Dr. Janet Salmons (Ph.D) is an independent scholar, writer and consultant through Vision2Lead .com . Janet has served on the online graduate faculty of the Capella University School of Business since 1999. Her inquiry into emerging online methods for research and instruction has resulted in development of numerous models including the “ E-Interview Research Framework ” (2012, 2015), the “ Typology of Online Visual Interview Methods ” (Salmons, 2010, 2012) and the “ Taxonomy of Online Collaboration ” (Salmons, 2009, 2014).

Slide36 : Teaching Technology Tools for Collaboration in K-20 E dupreneur, committed to a sustainable world for all via global education, technology, and languages Dr. Christel Broady , Professor and Director of ESL Programs at Georgetown College, is a leader at TESOL International and KYTESOL, as well as the owner of an English Learning and Technology Community of Practice with members in 179 countries: BroadyESL (Twitter) Area of specialization is how to effectively use technology in: Language/ELT instruction Teacher training Collaboration and Creating and managing professional learning communities

Slide37 : Jason R Levine (Jase, for short) is Ambassador and Knowledge Entertainer at WizIQ , where he hosts webinars and develops free and open online courses. He has eighteen years of experience as an English teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer. Jase is the creator of ColloLearn , an approach to English language learning based on the songs he writes and performs as Fluency MC . He has led teacher training programs in fourteen countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. Jase conducts workshops with Gallery Languages and writes songs and chants for several publishers, including Oxford University Press. He is chair of TESOL ’ s Video and Digital Media Interest Section and works as an English Specialist with the U.S. Department of State. After earning an MA in TESOL from Hunter College in 1999, Jase taught at several schools before becoming the director of curriculum development for Embassy English . In 2002, he co-founded a TOEFL preparation school for international students in New York City. Jase maintains the ColloLearn YouTube channel , the Fluency MC Facebook page , and Fluency MC on Twitter . He is an active administrator of many Facebook groups for English language teachers and learners, including Innovative Teachers of English , Teachers Teaching Online , and Gallery Languages Rhyme On Time Workshops .

Slide38 : Thank you

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