CO15: Peer-Reviewed World Where Evaluation by Peers Becomes the World

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Steve Tuffill will discuss Our Peer-Reviewed World: where Evaluation by Peers Becomes the World of Social Media Overnight

I intend to illustrate how the educative world has changed, in terms of the self-regulation of academic authority now depends more on the opinions of a vast majority of a global community who are focused on specific segments of the world of knowledge. Academic work has now opened itself up to a world that barely existed before social media entered the sphere. Moreover, social media sites like FaceBook and LinkedIn have altered the face of boundary judgement and scientific best practice that are the mainstream of social reality.
While prior to the modern age of the Internet, stretching across the globe with millions more people connecting with millions more, it is hardly unbelievable that Wikipedia has become the most peer-reviewed living document since the peer-review process began at the Royal Society back in England in 1665.

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