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Recording of the live session on 3 November 2014, 'Blend, Flip & Boost Your Teaching Online '.


María Jesús García San Martín

Thanks for the tip. A shame we cannot understand your profile to keep on learning. Do you teach Chinese? We'd love to join in

2826 days 11 hours 2 minutes ago

Drielink International BV

Lesson 1 for public speaking:
Strike "uh" from your vocabulary.
It becomes so annoying after a while that the message goes lost in "uh"s.

2828 days 9 hours 44 minutes ago

Andoni Sanz

No problem, María Jesús; thanks for your help!

2830 days 10 hours 5 minutes ago


Join micro teaching in the months of November and December and teach in pairs. You will get a certificate for teaching online for free:

2830 days 12 hours 13 minutes ago

María Jesús García San Martín

There you go the direct link to Youtube: Wiziq seems to be having issues with feeds, Andoni, sorry

2831 days 4 hours 55 minutes ago

Andoni Sanz

The link doesn't work :(

2833 days 4 hours 3 minutes ago

María Jesús García San Martín
ESL Teacher - ICT Lover - Lifelong Learner
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