Teaching in Pairs by S.Dixon and N.Torresi

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This is the result of a practical exercise in Pair Teaching during an online course in a break out room on WizIQ organized by Dr Nellie Deutsch.
The two teachers involved in this practice are Susan Dixon and Nives Torresi

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Presentation Transcript Presentation Transcript

Teaching in Pairs : Teaching in Pairs by S.Dixon & N.Torresi Pair Teachers An exercise into teaching...

PowerPoint Presentation : Teaching in Pairs Nives Torresi Italy (Australian) Susan Dixon USA

Introduction into definition of Pair Teaching : Introduction into definition of Pair Teaching What does the term simply mean? Pair Teaching (PT) is the collaboration of 2 Teachers preparing material for one lesson or subject. The idea behind pair teaching is that there are always 2 people giving their view of the same topic. Hence the old adage “ Two heads are better than one ” It has been used effectively in higher education but does present negative aspects as well as strong positives.

Four Challenges : Four Challenges Planning and agreeing on layout of class topic Avoiding conflict in workload and personal views Different styles and personalities of educators may cause confusion in the classroom Finding a middle ground on discipline

Some benefits of Pair Teaching (PT) : Some benefits of Pair Teaching (PT) Assisting Trainee teachers learn from a more experienced Teacher Provides collaborative support Learning from one another Input of using creativity like technology alongside traditional use of textbooks Adds an element of fun not only to the Paired Teachers but also the students who may see it as an opportunity to learn from diverse styles.

Tips…. : Tips…. Use creative interactive tools together Always ensure that the other pair in the equation is not overloaded - ‘ sharing is caring ’ Reinforce workload by constantly checking the outlay and plan Openly accept criticism - it’s also a way to grow Communicate with students ‘are they learning’ Don’t forget the objective is to get a message across Is the message clear?

A photo of the breakout room... : A photo of the breakout room...

Google Drive doc... : Google Drive doc...

Plan in Google drive doc... : Plan in Google drive doc...

References...resources : References...resources Provided by Dr Nellie Deutsch - http://www.aabri.com/manuscripts/121185.pdf Dr Nellie’s power point - https://www.wiziq.com/tutorial/843420-mm5-pair-teaching Some interesting points in Pair teaching seen as ‘Co-Teaching as a Team’ in http://www.parentcenterhub.org/repository/abstract81/ Definition in slide 3 comes from this link: http://www.ctserc.org/initiatives/teachandlearn/coteach.shtml Different types of co-Teaching are discussed in detail here: http://www.asdk12.org/depts/hr/student_teaching/PDF/The_Power_of_2.pdf A great article that’s easy to read: http://www.nea.org/tools/6-steps-to-successful-co-teaching.html

Thank you : Thank you We hope you enjoyed our presentation and we look forward to our next Teaching experience together. If you would like to join us and other Teachers from around the globe learning together online then join our online community at WizIQ - CELT Link: https://www.wiziq.com/course/49507-english-language-teachers-worldwide Susan Dixon, USA & Nives Torresi, Italy (Australian)

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