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Check out the WizIQ Virtual Classroom for your Joomla website!

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34 days 12 hours 17 minutes ago


Everyone wish to capture the most important moments and this lady doing the same things. I know no one can go back in the previous life and I hope to go back again and live my life with good moments. I really missed my old days and want it back to me.

1253 days 13 hours 2 minutes ago


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1271 days 11 hours 15 minutes ago


Teachers should give focus in improving reading skills of the students. They should give task to the students to read passage at home and same passage should be read in class for better understanding.

1317 days 20 hours 27 minutes ago


This forum is good for the people and Joomla is the good site which people need for the reason. People want to spend a good time with and this one is the good platform for the people. I appreciate the good working of this site.

1373 days 11 hours 34 minutes ago

Nives Torresi

Nice! Are there are platforms similar to Joomla for use in Italy to create an LMS to enhance the WizIq features?

2425 days 12 hours 59 minutes ago

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