Teaching Phrasal Verbs

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Examples on how and what to teach when teaching phrasal verbs

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Laura Beth Hattersley

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Phrasal verbs : : Phrasal verbs : Are called multi word verbs. Phrasal verbs consist of two sometimes three words

PowerPoint Presentation : The first word is a verb followed by a a a ) preposion (look at ) b) An adverb (turn down c ) both ( put up with )

Phrasal verbs with look : adverb,preposition : Phrasal verbs with look : adverb,preposition

PowerPoint Presentation : LOOK After somebody Something out Back on For something Up a word Look down on somebody Look forward on something

PowerPoint Presentation : WHAT IS HE DOING ??? He is reading and doesn’t understand something so he is going to find a word In the dictionary. He is going to look the word ‘gorgeous ‘up

PowerPoint Presentation : What is he doing? He is trying to find his key because he has lost it. Look for He is looking for his keys .

PowerPoint Presentation : What did my mother do?? My mother took care of me when I was a baby . My mother look after me when I was a baby .

PowerPoint Presentation : How is he feeling?? He really wants his sentences to end. Look forward to + noun Look forward to + ing form He is looking forward to his release He is looking forward to leaving his prison

PowerPoint Presentation : What is he doing?? He is investigating the crime Look into He is looking into the crime

Different phrasal verbs : : Different phrasal verbs :

THE MEANING OF PHRASAL VERBS: : THE MEANING OF PHRASAL VERBS: It easy to guess their meaning because the verb and the particle keep their usual meaning They have idiomatic meaning that You need to learn. The meaning of phrasal verb can be Explained with one word verb.Phrasal verbs are used in informal spoken english If a phrasal verb has a one-word equivalent ,it is used more formal style. phrasal verb : sort out = one - word verb solve

THE GRAMMER OF PHRASAL VERB : THE GRAMMER OF PHRASAL VERB Transitive They take an object .They can be: Seperable – object can be between the word and particle or a fter it ( put the shoes on / put on the shoes) Note : in dictionaries , seperable verbs are written like this : t ear sth = ( something) sb = (somebody) When the object is a long phrase ,it usulally come after the particle . She tore up all the letter that she received. Inseparable – the two parts of the verb can not be seperated by an object. Note : in dictionaries , inseperable verbs are written like this: look after sth / sb t ake after sb ,look for sth etc

PowerPoint Presentation : Intrasitive phrasal verb They have no object and are written in dictionaries Without sth , sb . e.g eat out ;get up ; wake up ; speak up. Some phrasal verbs can be used in both w ays ‘ I told him to shut up ( intransative ) Shut her up!! She has already said too much.(transitive)

The fisherman and the fish: identify the phrasal verbs : The fisherman and the fish: identify the phrasal verbs

Watch and find out … : Watch and find out …

PowerPoint Presentation : COME IN

PowerPoint Presentation : GET IN

PowerPoint Presentation : GET OUT

PowerPoint Presentation : Put Put Up

PowerPoint Presentation : PUT DOWN

PowerPoint Presentation : PUT ON

PowerPoint Presentation : TAKE OUT

PowerPoint Presentation : PUT AWAY

PowerPoint Presentation : RUN AWAY

PowerPoint Presentation : PUT IN

PowerPoint Presentation : COME OUT

PowerPoint Presentation : TURN OVER

PowerPoint Presentation : SIT DOWN

PowerPoint Presentation : Stand up

PowerPoint Presentation : Wake up

PowerPoint Presentation : Look for

PowerPoint Presentation : Turn on

PowerPoint Presentation : Turn off

PowerPoint Presentation : Go to bed

PowerPoint Presentation : throw away

Look the story of Jane and John : Look the story of Jane and John Jane and John dated for over a year. Jane wasn’t the perfect girlfriend so when John moved to another city he decided to leave Jane behind. Now that John has left town Jane feels lonely and would like to win back his heart. Jane has written a letter for John.

PowerPoint Presentation : Your task is to : Find sentences that can substitute by any of the ‘to look’ phrasal verbs you studied in this unit. Pay attention to verb tenses.

PowerPoint Presentation : Dear John ! I’m writing to tell you how much I love you.I remember our days together with a lot of affection. Since you left , my life has been a nightmare. I am devastated and depressed. I can’t eat,sleep or even smoke.And you know what a heavy smoke I was .You may be happy to hear this,Now you have left I might give up! I got to the point of thinking that I suffer from a factitious disorder.If you don’t know what is you can find it on www.factitious.com . Sorry ,for being so pedantic.However I know how much you like to investigate new ideas.

PowerPoint Presentation : I know that when we were together I treated you as an inferior and that this attitude hurt you.On the other hand remember that it was me who was with you when you broke your leg and had to stay at home for that terribly long month. I’m happy finally you got the job you wanted.I really admire you for this.But be careful,don’t overwork like you always do. John,I am ready to change and I would like to move with you. Would you consider this possibility? Deep in love with you Jane


Laura Beth Hattersley
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