Useful Words and Phrases for your professional English exam.

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This Powerpoint gives a series of common words and phrases that are used for the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or a similar type of professional exam, especially for the listening section of these exams.

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TOEFL-iBT/IELTS Tips : TOEFL-iBT/IELTS Tips Useful Vocabulary for the Writing Tests

PowerPoint Presentation : NOUNS to describe a progress: - an increase - a growth - a fluctuation - a surge - a rise IELTS. TOEFL - an advancement

PowerPoint Presentation : NOUNS to describe stability: - a period of stability - a plateau IELTS.TOEFL - constancy

PowerPoint Presentation : NOUNS to describe a downfall: - a decrease - a fall IELTS.TOEFL - a decrement - a reduction

PowerPoint Presentation : VERBS to show something that goes up: - to rise - to surge - to peak - to skyrocket - to rocket IELTS.TOEFL

PowerPoint Presentation : VERBS to show something that goes down: - to decrease - to decline - to dive - to plunge - to slipback IELTS.TOEFL - to slip down - to plummet - to bottom out - to slump - to drop

PowerPoint Presentation : ADJECTIVES - steady - noticeable - sharp - rapid - dramatic IELTS.TOEFL ADVERBS - steadily - noticeably - sharply - rapidly - dramatically - gradual - gradually

PowerPoint Presentation : Other phrases: IELTS.TOEFL - to show an upward trend - to hit the highest/lowest point - to reach a peak - to stay constant - the highest - the lowest - compared to - compared with - relative to

PowerPoint Presentation : In stating opinions: IELTS.TOEFL - in my own opinion - from my point of view - I believe - to stay constant - from my perspective - to my way of thinking

PowerPoint Presentation : In stating examples: IELTS.TOEFL - for instance - for example - in other words - namely - to illustrate - like

PowerPoint Presentation : In expressing certainty: IELTS.TOEFL - certainly - no doubt - of course - definitely - doubtless

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PowerPoint Presentation : IELTS.TOEFL Thank you!

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