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Best Mac Flip video converter
Flip Converter For Mac

Flip, as the most popular pocket camcorder, is widely used by all users, with the product models of the Flip Ultra, the Flip Ultra HD, the Flip Video Mino, and the Flip Video Mino HD. They record videos in MPEG-4 ASP/H.264 encoded MP4 format. If you want to convert these videos to popular video formats, for your further editing, posting on the web, this Flip Converter is the perfect solution.

Flip Video Converter for Mac is able to compress flip video to different file sizes with different resolution, frame rate and bit rate to be exactly compatible with iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. Flip video camcorder isn’t without its drawback. Although you might find the recorded mp4 video files compatible with iMovie and QuickTime on Mac, they just fail you every time when you directly import them to iPod or iPhone.

Moreover, in order to get the perfect video effect, is also possessed of video editing functions for you to recreate your Flip video: crop the video play region, capture any time-length clips your video, adjust the output video effect. More specific output parameters are also available for you to adjust to get the exact file.

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Nice tip. For Windows users, this software is helpful for video resolution changing, such as upscale/downscale video resolution.

2306 days 14 hours 37 minutes ago

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