Data Interpretation Basics

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Data Interpretation, a tool that is required for day to day decisions for us, is also a key area which is tested for selecting fresh talent in various organization, specifically Banks.
State Bank of India's Probationary Officers (SBI PO) Test largely focuses on this area. In fact, The quant section of SBI PO is actually labelled as Data Interpretation & Analysis truly reflecting the importance of this skill in their selection process.
With the SBI PO exam round the corner, many of the aspirants have requested for covering this topic in our webcast. Hence, this is being taken up on a top priority basis.
In this session by Rohit Agarwal, you will learn those concepts of Percentages, Ratio and Proportions and Averages which form the basics of Data Interpretation and will be used extensively for solving various exam questions.
The session will also focus on Approaches to solve the questions in this section quickly and correctly.

Rohit Agarwal
Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Trainer

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