Active Listening Practice Post-Class Task

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Instructions on how to do the Post-Class Task for Active Listening Practice. Use the HD Full Screen if your system allows it for beast viewing. 

ELT Techniques Active Listening Practice from Dr. Nellie Deutsch on Vimeo.

You may create a google drive document, a word or plain text and/or share your responses in a blog post in Connecting Online Ning website group instead of emailing it to me. The post class task is divided into 3 sections: (a) self-evaluation, (b) listening practice, and (c) application.

a. Please take the following survey, share the results and reflect on your listening skills.

b. Active learning practice: listen to the following podcast and reflect. Describe what you heard and how it relates to you or to someone you know.

c. Write a lesson plan using the above podcast

Active Listening Practice (ALP) Post-Class Task


Laura Liberto

Dear Dr. Nellie Deutsch, I am waiting for CO14´s approval, meanwhile i would like to share my results, I am Laura Liberto and I got a 7 in the survey, (well, it means I am a good listener, : ) )
Activity 2: Very nice podcast, in fact I agree on the results, when you are under stress your negative habits are stressed, for instance if you are muncher and See more

2451 days 21 hours 11 minutes ago

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Here's the link to the lesson plan template:

2452 days 52 minutes ago

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Why don't you just use this where all the links are clickable:

2452 days 1 hours 3 minutes ago

Teresa Moore


My opening page on ClubEFL is not like yours at all. I do not think we have the same access that you have. Our headings do not match what you just went through on your explanation.

Also, the LINK to the BBC lesson plan is not active on your presentation. I was able to access the other links, i.e. the podcast and the survey. ButSee more

2452 days 2 hours 36 minutes ago

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Please feel free to ask me any questions about the Post-Class Task for ALP:

2452 days 3 hours 2 minutes ago

Fluency MC

Here's the link to the google drive doc:

2452 days 3 hours 4 minutes ago

Fluency MC
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