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Storyline: Maria Martinez has come across an advertisement for an exciting job opening at Purple Fashion. This could be a really great opportunity for her. Will she get the job?

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Learning objectives:
* Conducting a "cold call"
* Looking for job openings
* Asking for the relevant person
* Preparing, arranging and structuring a phone interview
* Asking appropriate questions

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About "Business English":
LinguaTV offers an award winning Online-Video-Training which is designed for English learners and speakers at a intermediate level. The basis of the course is a series of professionally produced videos which cover a range of professions in business. The focus of the videos, which were produced in cooperation with leading industry association, is on how employees in these fields communicate and deal in a variety of typical work-related situations. More video tutorials at



All this advice is great, amazing, and not only you do manage to bring practical knowledge to a full working example, let me contribute with material that has helped me to improve my English level more

41 days 13 hours 10 minutes ago

Nguyễn Tuấn Khánh

It is wonderful to be here with everyone, I have a lot of knowledge from what you share, to say thank you, the information and knowledge here helps me a lot

291 days 8 hours 7 minutes ago

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