English Out There - case study - Waldek, Poland - Before and After

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As of today's date (25th April 2010) Waldek has used 11 English Out There (EOT) self-study lesson plans and done the speaking practice with me online using Skype and Vivox Voice on Facebook.

He began using EOT materials on 10th March 2010.

11 EOT lessons amount to approximately 22 hours of self-study and, with me, about 6 hours of speaking and listening practice.

On my suggestion Waldek has also created his own small PLN (Personal Learning Network) on Facebook and now has a couple of English speaking friends in other parts of the world with whom he has also done some practice related to these lessons.

He tells me that his sessions with the other two or three English speakers are a lot shorter than those with me. So he has probably done another three to four hours of focused practice with them.

So, I would say he has had total contact time with the language of approximately 30 hours.

The first clip of Waldek speaking is from 10th March and the second one is from 25th April 2010.

Have a listen and see if you think he has improved in any way?

Do please send any comments you have to us.

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thanks for that it is very good

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