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New email marketing software called as Develop Contacts Email Marketer, which when integrated into your existing content management system will help drive more traffic to your website by allowing your visitors to subscribe to content-specific mailing lists that you provide.

Studies show on average people check their email up to five times per day. You will benefit from delivering your message to the place you know your customers will be visiting - their inbox.

By offering exclusive tips, articles, news, updates or other promos to your registered subscribers via email, you can keep them informed about, and interested in your business. For example you can post a lead in (paragraph or two) to an article or page you've written and link to the full content on your website.

Develop Contacts email marketing software allows you to send newsletters, special offers and promotions via email. When integrated into your site, Develop Contacts Email Marketer can automatically capture the details of people who sign up for your newsletter. You can then send targeted emails to your subscribers and even follow up automatically with time-sensitive autoresponder emails which you can create and schedule in Email Marketer.

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