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Here I have typed lessons.

Type: doc



Try to make a screen shot while in full screen mode, process it with program like ABBYreader to change it word, or just print the screen shot out. Simple:)

3923 days 5 hours 20 minutes ago

Debi Grande

Si, would love to print this out? How?

3934 days 10 hours 52 minutes ago


this is great, could anyone telll me how to print it out? thanks a lot

3958 days 23 hours 54 minutes ago

Gail Ciesielski

This is great! But wish I could print it out. I haven't figured out how to do that yet (if it is possible).

4073 days 17 hours 11 minutes ago

Christine Rittgers

Grascias Heidita, para transcribir las lecciones.

4249 days 13 hours ago


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