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In this lesson you will learn basic computer software related vocabulary as well as be introduced to computer related verbs to help us make sentences to show software operations. You will also interact with other students for greater understanding

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PowerPoint Presentation : KNOWING ABOUT COMPUTERS Software

Types of Software : Types of Software Tell your classmates what you know about computer software. How has computer software developed during the past 20 years? What type of software do you have on your computer?

Categories of Software : Categories of Software Software can be divided into two main categories: 1 – Systems Software 2 – Application Software Systems software includes all the operating system and the utilities that allow your computer to function. Application Software is the software that allows us to do our work on the computer. Can you think of names for application software?

Using Application Software : Using Application Software Name some application software that you use and explain to your classmates why you use it. Name some system software and tell the class how important it is to the operation of your computer. Now think about an office and what software they might use. For example, what software would an accounting office use? Tell your classmates what other software words you know.

Computer Software Related Verbs : Computer Software Related Verbs Here are some Computer Software related verbs. Remember, a verb is a part of speech that expresses action or being. Write Send Search Run Program Install Calculate Operate

PowerPoint Presentation : Vocabulary Focus Did you use these words today? Spreadsheet Accounting software Gaming programs Email Compact Disk (CD) File Database Word programs Use the verbs on the previous slide and create a sentence to perform an action on the software. For example: “Today I will send an email to my customer.”

PowerPoint Presentation : Student Interaction _____, how do I install a spreadsheet program? Insert the software CD into the drive and follow the instructions, it’s quite simple. Student A Student B Great! I’ll try. OK, good luck! Now it’s your turn. Use the language that you have learned in this topic to interact with your classmate.

Note: : Note: Application Software can include programs like office suites, spreadsheets, databases, educational and enterprise software, graphics software and media players. Systems Software is designed to make your computer function correctly. The systems software controls the hardware and allow other software programs to sit on top of it to do their work. Examples are MS DOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux.

PowerPoint Presentation : Summary In this lesson you learned basic computer software related vocabulary as well as introduce verbs to help us make sentences to show software operations. You also interacted with your classmate in conversation which demonstrated your understanding of the course content. Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos and © Stuartmiles | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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