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In this interactive lesson on making appointments, we introduce contractions to give a greater vocabulary focus. We explore the different methods of making an appointment and construct sentences during participation. You will interact with classmates to demonstrate your understanding of the topic.

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PowerPoint Presentation : English Focus Making an Appointment

Making an Appointment : Making an Appointment 1. What appointments do we usually make? 2. Tell your classmates about the last time you made an appointment? 3. In you country, is it necessary to make formal arrangements before you visit friends or family? 4. What about official appointments? For example: graduation or a visit to a bank. 5. In your country, is it considered impolite to just “turn up” without making an appointment? If so, explain why.

What are Contractions? : What are Contractions? 1. A contraction is a shortened version of the written and spoken form of a word, syllable, or word group. For Example: Did not = Didn’t Do not = Don’t I would = I’d He would = He’d She would = She’d In a sentence these might appear as follows: “I’d love to come with you to the party.” “Don’t worry, the doctor will see you soon.” Can you think of any more sentences using contractions?

Vocabulary Focus Did you think of these words? - Name the opposite : Hadn’t Hasn’t Haven’t It’s I’ll Aren’t Can’t Let’s Mustn't We’d I’ve You’ll Vocabulary Focus Did you think of these words? - Name the opposite Had not Has not Have not It is I will Are not Cannot Let us Must not We would I have You will Has not Must not We would You will I have I will Cannot Let us Had not It is Are not Have not

Sentence Practice : Sentence Practice Recall your thoughts and knowledge of making an appointment and ask questions using contractions to fill your sentences. For example: Tell your classmates about how you made an appointment with your doctor. Sentence example: Patient: “I’d like to make an appointment today to see the doctor.” Receptionist: “Yes, of course, you’ll need to come early though, he’s very busy today.”

PowerPoint Presentation : Student Interaction Student A Student B Now it’s your turn. Use the language that you have learned in this topic to interact with your classmate. What time should we tell them all to come? Let’s say around 7pm , then after we’ll all go to the beach. Okay, great. So after we invite everyone, we’re done for the day, right? Yeah, we’re done. This party is going to be great.

PowerPoint Presentation : Summary In this lesson you learned about contractions and how to use them in a sentence and to use topic related basic vocabulary when constructing sentences on making and appointment. You also interacted with your classmates in conversation which demonstrated your understanding of the course content. Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos and © Stuartmiles | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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