Human Resource Management: Basic Concepts

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Human Resource is the most important asset possessed by an organization. Learn the basic concepts of HR to gain an edge over competitors in the professional world.

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Nicole Nickittah Sibanda

HRM as an ambigous concept

120 days 9 hours 29 minutes ago

Angela Chiwanza

describe the human resource concept

137 days 20 hours 33 minutes ago

Ibeh Chisom


163 days 8 hours 32 minutes ago

Ibeh Chisom

please what is the most recent concept of HRK

163 days 8 hours 35 minutes ago

Bree-Kiarah Mwedzi

hrm is an ambiguous concept it is all hype and hope promising wonderfull outcomes that are unrealistically high

454 days 13 hours 41 minutes ago

mohan kumar

i wantto this presentation please send this email id

2185 days 8 hours 41 minutes ago


Thanks alot for explaination of basic concept of human Resource Management
Actually i have been searching for a month but i can't
thanks for poviding such a nice information
Best Regard
Javed Farooq

2278 days 15 hours 4 minutes ago

Englishteacher Namrata Arora

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2360 days 14 hours 56 minutes ago

Englishteacher Namrata Arora

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2360 days 14 hours 58 minutes ago

Englishteacher Namrata Arora

Thank you for the encouragement, Vinodita Madam.

2391 days 18 hours 16 minutes ago

Englishteacher Namrata Arora
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