Human Resource Management: Basic Concepts

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Human Resource is the most important asset possessed by an organization. Learn the basic concepts of HR to gain an edge over competitors in the professional world.

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Tansa Sisodiya

Thanks for your informative pregentation.

286 days 18 hours 39 minutes ago


thanks really nice tutorial.

504 days 18 hours 47 minutes ago

Prashant Kumar

Human Resource is one of the most important arm of any organization. I also need HR person for my Site

719 days 12 hours 17 minutes ago


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743 days 9 hours 38 minutes ago


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845 days 6 hours 41 minutes ago


I think this tutorial will help me. I will share it here if you don't mind. I think it's a good idea.

898 days 10 hours 19 minutes ago

Nicole Nickittah Sibanda

HRM as an ambigous concept

2380 days 13 hours 39 minutes ago

Angela Chiwanza

describe the human resource concept

2398 days 43 minutes ago

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