Computer Science class XII CBSE (cs REVISION KIT 2 New)

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THIS IS CBSE XII COMPUTER SCIENCE Last Time Revision Kit INCLUDES the chapter like booolean algebra, communications, data structures, data file handling simple illustrated way [includes SIMPLIFIED & BEST WAY TO SOLVE A K-MAP with example, LOGIC GATES & RELATED CONCEPTS, Understanding the CONCEPT OF POINTERS, data file handling concepts with the help of examples & concept of keys in DBMS]. once you go through it, it will prove beneficial for u!! one of my advice to the studnts is: WHILE PREPARING THE PROGRAMMING PART....Practice more problems; do have WRITTEN PRACTICE

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Navajyoti Saikia

Are there any study CS material on java instead of c++.

2818 days 19 hours 24 minutes ago


Can we get a pdf for the shared content to study offline ?

3182 days 17 hours 1 minutes ago


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