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Authenticity & WizIQ

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What is Authenticity? : What is Authenticity? Can we trust the products and people we hear from in online webinars? What makes online communication authentic? Nellie Deutsch will discuss what it means to be authentic and where we stand when it comes to leading with authenticity in online learning environments such as WizIQ

Can we trust these? : Can we trust these?

What is Authenticity Online? : What is Authenticity Online?

PowerPoint Presentation : Learn about self True to self Inspiring Others Reach potential Showing directions Authenticity Online Learning Environments

PowerPoint Presentation : Gain Trust Transformational Benefits of Authenticity

PowerPoint Presentation : Existentialism View Authenticity (Jean Paul Sartre) Freedom True to oneself Despite external pressures External forces, pressures Negative towards inauthenticity

PowerPoint Presentation : Freedom? Who are we? What does it mean? How to be true? What external pressures? Ignore norms/culture/values? ( Jacob Golomb) Authentic Behavior

PowerPoint Presentation : Following norms ( Erich Fromm) Conformity Authenticity

PowerPoint Presentation : Core values? Strengths? Weaknesses? Passions? Aspirations? Know & share

Where do you stand? : Where do you stand?

Dr. Nellie Deutsch
English Teacher, E-Learning Professional Development Specialist
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