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Since its inception in 1997 and through past partnerships with several institutions SWAT Teams are taking the lead in supporting teachers and students with technology needs at their schools and in their communities. There are now hundreds of SWAT Team Programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels throughout the United States and also some internationally. The mission of the nationally recognized SWAT concept is to promote student leadership training, address technology competencies, provide outreach to the community through parent involvement, corporate support, and student community service, and to encourage collaboration among student SWAT Teams nationally. A SWAT Team is directed by a motivated teacher and is comprised of any number of students who wish to form a structured group to advance the technology program at their school. The students advance their level of technical skills while also assisting other students, teachers and the community with computer skills. Students are required to fill out a job application and interview to be on the SWAT Team. National and State Technology Competencies are addressed as the foundation of the SWAT Team's Mission. The SWAT Team may consist of specialized "Task Force Teams" formed to address the job force objectives and the technology goals at any school.

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PowerPoint is a powerful tool. In the industry its value has increased many times. This is the tool that has condensed out material to just simple and minimum slides but now is really helpful for students. This can bSee more

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